Legendary Carol Spinney passes away

The demise of one of the worlds greatest artists

To the adults of today, the big yellow bird was their teacher after school hours. The big yellow bird was synonymous with compassion, love, gratitude, and all things sweet for young children who grew up on sesame street. Little did they know back then that the yellow bird with the big heart was the puppeteer Carol Spinney. His work on the sesame street was also known for his other character Oscar the Grouch. Sadly, the world mourns this Sunday with the death of the amazing artist at his ripe age of eighty-five. He passed away at his home in Connecticut, where he was spending his retirement and living with dystonia. The result of his death is still not determined. Still, there is a lingering doubt of dystonia being the reason behind his death. 

A lifetime of work

Carol Spinney began his work as a puppeteer in 1969 while being mentored by Jim Hensen. He spent his career performing around the world and eventually ended up on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

as the Big Bird. He was widely celebrated to the extent of being featured on the U.S. postage stamps. He was one of the legends amongst the artists of all time.

The creative mind of Sesame street

The legendary artist is one of the biggest creative geniuses behind sesame artists. His role wasn’t sustained to merely being the big yellow bird but also as the godfather of may other characters, and today, these characters are preservers of Spinney’s works. Even when he couldn’t carry on as the puppeteer on the set due to the physical work required, he retired to being the voice characters of the characters. The legendary artist will be missed by many and all the children who looked up to their big yellow feathered teacher.

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