LIAR-LIAR: 6 Major Lies That Changed The MCU Forever

The MCU would never have been what it is today had it not been for the good as well as the bad guys to peddle some lies. These lies helped shape the MCU and are perhaps still shaping it as we speak.

Mysterio Frames Spider-Man For ‘Killing’ Him & The London Drone Attack

Spider-Man: Far from Home

This lie basically forces Peter Parker to seek refuge from the law. Now that Tony Stark is not there to help him, Peter is left to fend for himself. Spider-Man seeks help in the form of Doctor Strange but the spell his casts to make things right is only opening the doors to the Multiverse. The MCU will never know what hit it.

US Government Hides Isaiah Bradley’s Existence From The Public

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The US Government engaged in unethical and unconstitutional experimentation on African-American test subjects. Their quest for a super soldier led to Isaiah Bradley. Bradley did his country proud, participating in the Korean War and even defeating the Winter Soldier. But the US Government hid his existence from the world because of his race. The Government playing a hand in projecting white supremacy ideals will be a stain and a huge part of the legacy of Captain America in the near future.

Nick Fury Lies About Phil Coulson Dying With His Captain America Cards In His Pocket

The Avengers

When a brain-washed Hawkeye and Loki’s other henchmen attack and successfully break Loki out of the Helicarrier, Phil Coulson dies in the process. Nick Fury later briefs the team by showing them a set of blood-spattered Captain America cards he says he found in Coulson’s pockets. This one simple white lie broke every hero in the room and forced them to work together. The Avengers united to avenge Phil Coulson and they have remained together ever since.

He Who Remains Made The TVA On A Bed Of Lies

Loki – Disney+

The entire foundation of the TVA and its very principles it has worked for since eons is nothing but lies. He Who Remains has been pulling the strings from behind the curtains, using robotic puppets as the ‘Time-Keepers‘ to manipulate everyone into believing a myth. The TVA has erased countless realities and He Who remains is nothing short of the Multiverse’s greatest genocidal maniac. Now that the Multiverse is in full play, who knows what’s going to happen next.

Gamora Lied To Thanos About Not Knowing The Soul Stone’s Location

Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos has tasked his favorite daughter to look for the Infinity Stones. At one point of time, Gamora managed to find the location of Vormir and the Soul Stine but kept it a secret from the Mad Titan. She did reveal it to Nebula though. Thanos used a tortured Nebula as leverage to make Gamora reveal the Soul Stone’s location. The Sould Stone was instrumental in the Battle on Titan where Thanos defeated Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the Guardians.

Alexander Pierce Helped Hide The Secret Of Hydra Infiltrating SHIELD From Everyone

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Pierce and countless other HYDRA sleeper agents infiltrated SHIELD and various levels of government globally to prepare for project Insight. Alexander Pierce was himself complicit in a number of assassinations and murders of potential threats to the upcoming HYDRA expansion. The events of The Winter Soldier led to the disbanding of SHIELD and a major planet wide government restructuring.

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