9 Mind blowing Anime Way More Unpredictable Than Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones may have the carnal pleasure and the violence to boot, but its primary USP is its epic… Read More

46 mins ago

5 DC Hero-Spider-Man Team Ups That’ll Be Really Fun (& 4 That Would Be Boring As Hell)

While Spider-Man crossing over to the DC Universe seems impossible, that has not stopped us from making this list. There… Read More

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Top 10 DC Superheroes Who Died and Then Returned To Life

Endings are not always bad. ... It's normal for the DC heroes to pass on in the line of obligation,… Read More

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Several Times Batman Used Magic (and Other Dark Arts)

“I'm the goddamn Batman.” While he's a long way from being a sorcerer, Batman's information on contemplation and mystery has demonstrated… Read More

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Top 10 X-Men Comic Covers From The ’60s, Positioned

"Mankind Has Always Feared What It Doesn't Understand."-Magneto The X-Men comic battled to discover a crowd of people during its… Read More

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10 Times Marvel Heroes Stood For Real World Causes

“Vengeance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me.”-T’Challa Once in a while, Marvel heroes don't… Read More

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WandaVision: 10 Theories Which Suggest There’s Another Big Bad Besides Agnes

The popular show WandaVision finally revealed its big bad in the form of Agatha Harkness. Or so it seems. Agatha… Read More

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10 Times The DC Universe Almost Came To An End

The DC Universe has a long legacy of world-ending events, each being even bigger than before. Over the years, the… Read More

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