Living Weapon: 3 Weapon X Subjects Stronger Than Wolverine (And 3 Who Aren’t)

For a lot of people, Weapon X is Wolverine. They hear the name Weapon X Program and Wolverine comes to mind. This simply because he is the Program’s most famous subject, mostly due to the exposure the character has repeatedly received through movies.

While the Program itself has had a very murky past(and present and future!), it has some very iconic people connected to it one way or the other. Captain America’s experiment, Project Rebirth, in fact, made him one of the first test subjects of the program and named Captain as Weapon I. People like Luke Cage, Deadpool and Sabretooth are all graduates of the program.

Of course, we do not deny that Wolverine is the most famous graduate of the program, he is definitely not the strongest, by far. Let’s take a look at 4 who can(and have) kicked Wolvie’s a** and 3 who are weaker than him.

1)X-23: Stronger

Laura Kinney or X-23 is Wolverine’s most famous clone. She was created by scientists Sarah Kinney and Zander Rice who gave her some improvements over her “father.”

X-23 has adamantium claws that protrude out of her feet too. After she gained some experience, she has arguably surpassed her father as an armed or unarmed combatant.

2)Silver Fox: Weaker

Zorra de Plata, Silver Fox, doesn’t have a lot of special powers. This has never stopped her from becoming an important character in Logan’s history. She was one of his first love interests and they were even in a relationship for a while.

Though she has healing powers like other Weapon X members, her biggest and most dangerous strength is her cunning mind.

3)Deadpool: Stronger

Wade Wilson may act like an idiot, or be mentally imbalanced and have no emotional health to speak of, but Deadpool is definitely much stronger and lethal than Wolverine.

The Merc With A Mouth has proven time and again as part of various teams(including the Avengers) and alone that he is not a man to be taken lightly or trifled with. He has an almost unparalleled healing factor and combined with his deadly skills, he is almost indestructible.

4)Native: Weaker

Native, aka Feral shares a lot of her abilities with Logan. They both have retractable claws and a healing factor but Weapon X didn’t bestow her with an adamantium skeleton. The character was briefly in a relationship with Logan before Logan unleashed Victor Creed on her.

5)Fantomex: Stronger

Fantomex aka Weapon XIII is a product of a high-tech Sentinel laboratory called The World. He is probably the only character who can honestly claim that he does everything that Deadpool does, only better.

Fantomex has super-strength, healing factor and a somewhat superior intellect(he has 3 brains!). He is also a master of deception and illusion.

6)Predator X: Weaker

To be totally fair, the only reason Predator X is “Weaker” than Wolverine on this list is that Logan destroyed and brought down the creature from the inside out.

An expert mutant tracker that can run at 62 mph for a whole day, and having super strength, Predator X is arguably stronger than Wolverine. But Wolverine killed him.

7)Victor Creed: Stronger

Victor Creed or Sabretooth is the character that has always been closest to Wolverine. They share a link that has varied over the years but never broken. Their relation has changed constantly, but they are tied in an unbreakable bond.

A mutant with fangs and claws, Creed is a ruthless murderer. He has used his skills very well to become one the most lethal assassins of the Marvel Universe. Sabretooth and Wolverine have fought plenty of times, with both of them getting their fair share of wins, losses and even ties.

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