‘Living with the Devil’: Johnny Depp Reportedly Paid Staggering £25000 For a Naked Picture of Kate Middleton While Staying With Amber Heard

Every now and then, Johnny Depp has been in the news. He has dominated the headlines since he prevailed in a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The fact that Johnny Depp spent certainly a five-figure sum on what is effectively a huge show of his status as a royalist shocked us, even though we know that celebrities generally have high spending power. This act might have been a little over the edge.

Johnny Depp Is A Fan Of Art

fan art for Johnny
Fan-made a portrait for Johnny

Being an admirer of Pegasus’ work, The Pirates of the Caribbean actor acquired his Kate Middleton picture during the inauguration of his Islington studio. Johnny spent £25,000 on a few Christmas treats for the children while witnessing the launch of his studio.

Johnny Depp has always admired art. Recently a fan gifted him a portrait of his. In a popular Instagram video, he can be seen admiring the artwork and congratulating the artist. he said to Scott “That’s just mad… The things in… That is the tiniest little”. In the video, it was clearly visible how much awe Johnny was in after seeing the art.

Why Is The “Painting” In Controversy?

Photo of Kate
Kate Middleton

The image was created by American graffiti artist Pegasus, who first gained notoriety for his spray-painted rendition of the above portrait, named Crowned, which was displayed on a building in North London. And it appears that our Johnny Depp is an admirer of his creations because after attending the launch of Pegasus’ Islington studio, he didn’t waste any time in purchasing the well-known piece of art.

The thing that made headlines is the actor buying a pregnant and naked Kate Middleton painting while living with Amber Heard. This thing kind of backfired on social media that he did not consider Amber Heard.

The Time When People Felt Bad For Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the trial

Johnny Depp buying this “pregnant naked picture” of Kate Middleton was criticized by many people online. Their concern was why would the actor buy a naked painting of a woman whilst living with Amber Heard.

There can be many speculations about this. To put this out, simply he would have done this out of his love for Pegasus. He is a huge fan and keeps on buying his art.

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