Logan: 4 Things Fans Choose To Ignore About Wolverine’s Last Stand

We quite rightfully agree to the fact that Logan is not only a great superhero movie but also a credit to the entire genre. However, is that going to stop us from pointing out to the things that do not really serve many purposes to the film? Some of these things are more likely to be ignored than all the others, which is true. But even for a movie that is absolutely worth every praise, it is surely much interesting to think about how the movie could be even better. Read on.


When Eriq La Salle, an awful actor was chosen to play a kindly farmer Will Munson, we were not disappointed. However, we obviously hoped that he would have a larger role to play. But his kindness and generosity were, together, a terminal sentence for his character and his family.

A movie like Logan is going to require a lot of people to come up together to create a good film. However, as the Munson family is awfully being pushed out, the only thing that we were hoping was  that the family wasn’t, ironically, “munsoned.” (a term made popular by the iconic dark comedy Kingpin, meaning “blowing it” or in this situation,”getting perished”). Obviously, this did not serve many purposes to the scene.


As the movie opens, we encounter Logan who is compelled to vacate some car robbers, who meet and exceed some racial stereotypes of the Latinx community.

However, had this scene comprised of an old lady or something instead, it would have been a major put-off.  It’s a good thing that this scene is built in such a humorous manner.


We get a complete troop of nameless people fitted with robot hands instead of cyborgs such as Bonebreaker or Skullbuster. Again, we are expected to have no time to waste on a single man with a complete story but we are expected to spend time on who has who has tank treads for legs and a Mohawk? The answer is obviously yes.


Stephen Merchant shows up with an incredible performance in the film as a mutant-tracking Caliban, and he is able to catch hold of levels of believability and comic relief that only helped the movie to be balanced out.
However, in X-Men: Apocalypse, set in 1983, Caliban ( played by Tómas Lemarquis) was probably in his 30s and early, yet has apparently gotten old before Logan which was set in the year 2029. However, it only turns out to be that all of this was a total mistake. James Mangold later informed later that he wrote Caliban into Logan without the least realization of the same person being in Apocalypse and vice versa.

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