Logan: 7 ‘Alternate Realities’ Wolverines Way Stronger Than The Original

Wolverine is probably one of the best mutants out there, who can slice enemies with his strong adamantium claws. He is deadly, but he’s not the only claw popping mutant in the Marvel Multiverse. In fact, there are many alternate reality Wolverines who are deadlier than Logan.

Today we will discuss 6 alternate reality Wolverines who are way more deadly than the original.

7. Ultimate Cable

Marvel used the Ultimate Universe to start characters afresh. In an alternate universe, Apocalypse wiped out the X-Men, ripped off Wolverine’s arms and absorbed Ultimate Wolverine’s healing factor. Wolverine then replaced his arm with a metal appendage and became proficient in weaponry before traveling back in time.

Ultimate Cable managed to take the whole X-Men out with his Wolvie claws and profiency of Cable.

6. Ultimate Wolverine

Ultimate Wolverine’s healing factor gives him a leg up on the original Wolvie, and makes him one of the most deadly Wolverines in the entire Marvelverse.

While he is remarkably similar to the original Wolverine, this alternate reality version boasts a superior healing factor. This Wolverine also walked away alive from a nuclear explosion!

5. Wolverine, Lord of The Vampires

In the Uncanny X-Men series, X-Men got attacked by Dracula who attempted to turn Storm into a vampire. Although Storm managed to escape, the What If? series later expanded on the story, imagining a world where Storm became a vampire and attacked the X-Men alongside Dracula.

Ultimately, Wolverine took Dracula out, making him the new Lord of the Vampires.

4. Dark Claw

Dark Claw was one dangerous Wolverines in the Marvel Universe. He’s a combination of Batman of Wolverine, arising from the crossover event Amalgam which brought Marvel and DC characters together.

Logan Wayne is a Claw-popping mutant who spends his time splitting between being a playboy millionaire and stalking the streets of Gotham. Imagine Batman and Wolverine getting together! Isn’t it deadly? I bet it is.

3. Sideburn, the Regenerating planet

This Wolverine is as powerful as he is ridiculous. He was formed after Galactus’ daughter Galacta spliced Wolverine’s DNA with a planet, Sideburn. This gave birth to a regenerating planet which was designed to be continuously eaten by Galactus.

Imagine the damage a planet sized Wolverine could do? This version of Wolverine was ridiculously overpowered.

2. Brother Mutant

He is hands down one of the most powerful Wolvies in the Marvel Mutliverse.

Introduced in Exiles #85, he was an all powerful being created through a failed spell by Scarlet Warlock which combined Quicksilver, Magneto, Mesmero, Scarlet Warlock and Wolverine. This failed spell merged them all into a single being. This Wolverine had the abilities of all these mutants and was ridiculously powerful.

1. Phoenix Wolverine

Thanks to his healing factor, Wolverine can never die. Now, take an aged Wolverine filled with grief and add more rage to him and give him the power to take out galaxies with a snap of his fingers. That’s Phoenix Wolverine for you.

This Wolverine debuted in Thor Vol. 5 #1 and hails form an Earth where humanity got wiped out by Loki. His body gets chosen by the Phoenix Force and together they wipe out many planets. His claws were made of pure cosmic fire and he had the power of an actual God.

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