“You have used my name for views and money”: Logan Paul Threatens to Sue YouTuber Who “Exposed” His Alleged Million Dollar Scam CryptoZoo

Around two weeks ago, a YouTuber, Coffeezilla shared his first video in an attempt to expose Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo scam. CryptoZoo is a pay-to-earn NFT game, which allows users to spend zoo coins (in-game currency) in order to buy eggs in the game. Once these eggs are hatched, users can breed different animals to create hybrids. They are supposed to receive the output in the form of zoo coins based on how unique their hybrid is.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

It was launched on September 2021, and the YouTuber claimed that it was a really fun game and would also help its users to earn money. However, unlike his claims, users have come out to share that the game has never been fully playable. And investigating Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo project, one Youtuber made a three-part series on YouTube. After this, Paul shared a response video on his YouTube channel.

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Logan Paul Defends Himself Against Fraud Claims

Followed by Stephen Findeisen’s investigation of Logan Paul‘s CryptoZoo, the YouTuber shared a tweet saying that he appreciates Coffeezilla’s “creative genius & exceptional work ethic.” In his tweet, he further mentioned that he would talk further about the issue on January 3.

He then shared a video on YouTube defending himself. In the video, Paul claimed that Coffeezilla used his name to gain views and followers. “Your addiction to clicks has clouded your judgment and you’ve made very real errors with very real repercussions,” he said.

YouTuber Coffeezilla and Logan Paul
YouTuber Stephen Findeisen and Logan Paul

He called Stephen Findeisen a “lopsided journalist with an agenda” while claiming that Findeisen’s work was described as speculative. Paul also advised the investigative YouTuber to hire a good lawyer, suggesting that he could take legal action for spreading false information about him.

He also explained what really went wrong with CryptoZoo and claimed that the game will be available saying that he will make sure of it.

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Logan Paul Explains Issues With CryptoZoo

Calling out Coffeezilla, Logan Paul shared that the developer he interviewed under his investigation was Zack Kelling. He shared that Kelling stole the game code and “fled to Switzerland and held it (code) hostage for $1 million.” Paul further claimed that Coffeezilla kept Zack Kelling anonymous due to his criminal record, as he has been charged with multiple felonies.

Logan Paul defending himself against fraud claims
Logan Paul defending himself against fraud claims

During Coffeezilla’s investigation, the developer claimed that a team of 30 engineers was working on the game. The developer also shared that they have not been paid for their work. However, Paul shared in his video that the claim was false and only three engineers worked on the NFT project.

He also mentioned the ex-CryptoZoo lead developer, Eddie Ibanez, saying, “I guess that’s what I get for trusting the team that I relied on to vet and manage Eddie’s hiring process, who has turned out to be a professional con man.”


Paul also called out Coffeezilla for using his manager’s call recordings without his permission. He revealed that upon learning the truth about the “bad actors” he immediately removed them from the project and he and Jeffrey Levin have made nothing out of the NFT project.

The YouTuber said, “Jeff and I never made no money and will never make any money on CryptoZoo.” He further shared that he cannot share more information due to the criminal investigation that is currently going on.

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Source: Logan Paul – YouTube

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