‘Loki’ Disney Plus Show Will Follow [THIS] Version Of Loki Along With A Precious Stone

A Loki show is coming to Disney Plus, so we analyze which version of Loki the show will be based on and how the space stone will affect the plot.

There was a lot which was announced by Marvel Studios at SDCC 2019. Among all the movies announced, the Disney Plus shows also grabbed a lot of eyeballs. One of the upcoming Disney Plus shows is Loki and it will see Tom Hiddlestone reprise his role. But the question that is on everyone’s mind is- How is a Loki show even possible since Thor’s little brother shouldn’t even be alive right now. We are here to answer that question:

Didn’t Loki Die In Avengers: Infinity War?

The Loki of the Disney Plus show will be different. Pic courtesy: herosfact.com
The Loki of the Disney Plus show will be different. Pic courtesy: herosfact.com

Let’s get some basic facts right first- the Loki we knew all along till Thor: Ragnarok, the one who went through massive amounts of character development is dead. This is simply because Thanos killed this version of Loki in Avengers: Infinity War.

The version of Loki that we will be seeing in the Disney Plus show will be similar to the one seen in 2012’s The Avengers. People who watched Avengers: Endgame will remember that Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Ant-Man went back to that specific year so that they could infiltrate the Battle of New York. This was of course done so as to get the Mind, Time and Space Stones. Things do go awry when Ant-Man’s plans to get the Space Stone containing Tesseract away from S.H.I.E L.D’s Alexander Pierce got botched.

To save the mission Ant-Man shrunk down to mess with 2012 Tony Stark’s heart device in order to induce a heart attack that would have everyone focused on him. This distraction would allow the present day Tony to steal the tesseract. But thanks to an ill times appearance by the Hulk, the focus was pulled away from Tony and the case got kicked towards Loki. So he took the chance, grabbed the Tesseract and escaped.

Can Loki Travel To The Future Using The Space Stone?

The space stone will play a huge role in the Loki Disney Plus show. Pic courtesy: whatsondisneyplus.com
The space stone will play a huge role in the Loki Disney Plus show. Pic courtesy: whatsondisneyplus.com

We have cleared up which Loki we will actually be seeing in the show, but one question still remains- how is Loki able to time travel in the Disney Plus show if he just has the Space Stone?

We know that the Space stone only allows the user total control over space. This means that they can just change their location not their point in time. So the space stone user can open a door to another point in space, even an interdimensional one. This will allow them to travel to the desired destination. Since Marvel Studios has already made its intentions known to explore the multiverse in another movie- the Doctor Strange sequel, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, so it’s possible that this concept will be seen via this new 2012-era Loki’s travels. He could end up opening doors to different Multiverse and manage to also tap into different points in time while doing so.

Whatever happens, the best part is that we will see a Loki in his Disney Plus show who will be more inclined to villainy and in some serious need of character development. This will allow for some amazing storylines for sure.

Want to relive something painful in regards to Loki? Then check out the video below and refresh your memories on how Thanos killed Loki:


(Source: screenrant.com and cheatsheet.com)

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