Loki series on Disney+ has been the talk of the town since month and the second episode known as “The Variant” wastes no time to establish the fact that the series’ “apparent” antagonist whose actions in the end minutes promise major huge changes for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The “Glorious Purpose” introduced the fans to the Time Variance Authority; who are the Time Keepers and must wipe off the Variants in order to maintain the timeline and prevent the chaos from being loosed upon the cosmos.

And Loki excels at starting and maintaining chaos.  But the second episode puts that to test and establishes a new corner for the MCU. But everything may not be as it appears regarding the TVA mission to protect the sacred timeline.

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The series creator Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron have established the series aim to explore Loki’s notions of what it means to be a hero or a villain considering the roles he has played in other people’s stories.

Mobius had provided some therapy to Loki which made him question his own existence and all the things he has done but it also led him to question the TVA and the Time- Keepers.

The bureaucracy of the TVA is based in nobility and there is an existence of zealotry within the belief in the Time- Keepers’ mission, particularly from Hunter B-15.


The fact that Judge Ravonna Renslayer is the only member of the TVA to “lay eyes” on the Time Keepers raises many questions.

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However while Mobius trusts Renslayer he also welcomes Loki’s questions and his faith in the TVA and the prevention  of the Sacred Timeline.

Loki being a God was once worshipped and of course he has the right to question the Gods at TVA.
Though TVA have their own reasons to keep Loki locked up and everything is perfectly fine with them; however when you see it from an outsider’s perspective like Loki, everything is extremely horrible about how they handle the Variants. They have erased the beings from existence and restore the timeline by simply murdering by another name.
So how does that make TVA any different from Thanos? Or are they more virtuous than him?

Marvel expects us to believe that Lady Loki is the series’ Big Bad but her actions could be the ones which gave birth to a multiverse and that might be a righteous thing.

So that again leads us to whether Loki is being caged by the villains or heroes?
The multiverse was already confirmed to be in existence by the Ancient One in Doctor Strange in 2016. Considering the Ancient One had the possession of Time Stone , she might have known about the birth of multiverse before it got created. Maybe the encounter with Bruce Banner opened her eyes.
And her reference to powers older than time could point to the threat which would be the center of the Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness.

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Maybe Loki’s glorious purpose was to learn about the Variants and understanding their existence in the multiverse and it is important to note that they all look different. Their age, gender and even species are different from dimension to dimension.

Loki can be the only capable one to see all the truth at the moment about the “sacred timeline” which is currently hindering the evolution of individual’s ability to choose their own path and create their own stories.

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