After the consequences of Avengers : Endgame, the kind of explanation is given for the time travel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a lot of fans are confused and it has left them scratching their heads.

The new Disney+ series , Loki staring Tom Hiddleston was expected to give answers to them but then it misses these completely (as of now) and ends up creating new problems.

A TikTok user apparently made a note of the explanation for the Time Variance Authority’s recriminations to Loki and pointing at the Avengers’ interfering with the time and if you think deeply, it doesn’t make any sense and raises more questions.

According to the explanation of this very helpful cartoon , TVA is responsible for keeping in check the unnatural variations to the time that end up creating timelines and realities which are not meant to exist. Endgame’s plot mostly revolved about the Avengers making a Time Heist to collect the Infinity Stones in order to reverse Thanos’ destruction.

In order to get the stones, they end up allowing Loki to escape his capture which gives him a free pass to avoid his destiny in the MCU.

So when Loki rightly points at Avenger’s interferences, the TVA hints that Avenger’s Time Heist was meant to happen while Loki’s were not.

TVA further explains that Sacred Timeline is meant to be protected and that reality always remained secured and protected during Avenger’s interference because they always knew what they were supposed to do. And to be honest, Loki wouldn’t have messed up the timeline if Avengers didn’t.

Tony and Steve ended up travelling back again because Loki stole the Tesseract. With that logic Loki’s time travel was as important event,

But instead of a continuity error, this could be an hint about something else that might be going on with the TVA.
Agent Mobius insisted that right and wrong is not the purview of the agency and still the decisions are completely arbitrary with their methods being frustrating.

The nature of these TVA agents seem to be very dark as most of them have lived their entire lives within the offices of the TVA.

The first episode did a lot of set up for introducing the characters and concepts but these conflicts will need greater depth before they are satisfactory.

If these are not set up for deeper plotlines, they will end up being plot holes and that would leave thousands of fans frustrating all over the globe.

Fans will have to wait to see the future episodes to know if the current explanation for the mistakes of the past and that would be honestly very satisfying.

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