Loki Episode 3 Trailer Breakdown: It’s About To Get Way Better

Loki Episode 3 Trailer has hit the internet. And here’s everything you need to know for our take on the trailer breakdown.


Lady Loki May Not Be A Loki Variant

The TVA tells Loki that they need his help to catch an alternate timeline Loki variant that has gone rogue. But if you have been paying attention to the fan circles, a Latin American ending credits her name as Sylvie Lushton. Sylvie Lushton was the second Enchantress, a well-known Marvel Supervillain and enemy of Thor.

Episode 2 Dropped Further Hints On Lady Loki’s True Identity

The fact that lady Loki was shown in the very first few seconds of the trailer cannot be ignored. Loki Episode 3 will probably focus on her a lot. In accordance with that, we are here to bring your attention to another small hint Loki dropped in Episode 2. In Lady Loki’s file, her name is typed as Loki Laufeydottir. Laufey is the King of the Frost Giants and Loki is actually his son. Maybe the MCU is trying to tell that Lady Loki might have both Asgardian and Frost Giant parentage?

The TVA Is Vulnerable Now

The TVA protects all of time as we know it. And no matter how big the Time Variance Authority gets, protecting all of time means you will always fall short of manpower when needed. Lady Loki knew it so she bombed key locations and timelines throughout the Sacred Timeline. This created alternate time branches and threw the entire timeline into chaos. The TVA sent everyone at its disposal to deal with the issue. So now the TVA HQ remains vulnerable to an attack.

Loki Followed After Her Because He’s Curious

The new Lady Loki is intriguing, interesting. She has managed to stay three steps ahead, playing a game of cat and mouse with the TVA. Even Loki could not escape the TVA. But she did. And despite his reservations, he was forced to admit that this Lady Loki has managed to outsmart him. Tom Hiddleston revealed in an earlier interview that Loki went through the portal in Episode 2 because he’s furious he’s no longer the ‘Superior Loki’.

Lady Loki May Not Even Be The Villain Of The Show

The first two episodes have down some massive foreshadowing. And the way in which Loki Episode 2 ended, it is clear that lady Loki knows something Loki does not. She is fighting for the bigger picture. Lady Loki may not even be the primary villain. She may not even be one of the bad guys. She could just be the means with which we get to the primary antagonists of the show. *cough cough* Time Keepers *cough cough*

Loki Is Jumping Through Portals, Trying To Catch Lady Loki

The trailer shows Loki traveling through many different worlds. Our theory is that Lady Loki is trying to get rid of Loki from chasing after her. Since she is known to hide in apocalypses, she just jumped to another one after Episode 2. Both Loki and Lady Loki are now living in between catastrophes. So the TVA cannot get a hold of  both of their temporal signatures. Hence they cannot be tracked. But Loki is on a personal mission of her own, going after Lady Loki. And that’s probably because even Loki knows Lady Loki knows something he does not.

The Truth About The Sacred Timeline Might Be Revealed

The idea of a Multiverse existed way before Loki explored it. Doctor Strange revealed that different universes exist in different dimensions with an infinite number of variations. if there already is a Multiverse, then there is now way the sacred Timeline concept is true. Maybe Loki will reveal that the sacred Timeline concept is a lie concocted by the Time Keepers to control a specific timeline according to the events they had planned. If someone does not do as they please, they term it a Nexus Event and send the TVA Agents to prune them out of existence.

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