Loki Episode 4: Who Are The Three Guys In The Post Credits?

Loki Episode 4 was probably the best episode in the series till date. It had action, drama, twists and turns, and most important of all – some damn good plot progression. Unlike episode 3 which went nowhere, Loki Episode 4 took things up a notch. And at the very end of the shocking final moments of the episode, all hell broke loose. Loki is confronted with three strangers that share a bizarre connection with him. Let’s find out who they are.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Loki Episode 4 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…. 

Loki is pruned at the very end of the episode. As the fans and audiences look in shock, our favorite Marvel anti-hero is literally erased out of existence. All hope is lost for the people who closed the episode right when the credits rolled. for those who stuck around, there was a reward. Episode 4 is the first Loki episode to feature a post credits sequence. And it revealed that Loki had somehow survived.

Instead of being erased out of time, he was instead transported to a post apocalyptic New York. And when he wakes up in what he initially mistakes to be Hel, 4 different Loki variants greet him.

The far right is Old Loki, played by Richard E Grant. The far left is the “Prahlerischer Loki” played by DeObia Oparei. There’s also a Kid Loki, played by Jack Veal. Kid Loki is holding a crocodile wearing Loki’s horned helmet, suggesting that too is a multiverse version of Loki.

Old Loki

Richard E Grant’s Loki is a nod to the classic look of Loki when he first debuted in Marvel Comics in Journey Into Mystery #85. In the original story, Loki is imprisoned by the Gods for his acts in a tree. The only way for him to be freed is if someone sheds a tear for his plight. since Loki is hated by everyone, that’s something easier said than done. So Loki makes a leaf fall on Heimdall‘s eye, who sheds a tear and Loki gets out on a technicality. He then goes on to become Thor’s greatest menace as an act of revenge for being the one who imprisoned him.

Prahlersicher Loki (Hammer Loki)

The Hammer Loki is a time variant Loki who seems to be a dangerous combination of Thor and Loki. In many stories, Loki tried to kill Thor, failing every time. Maybe in one timeline, Loki succeeded in ascending to the Throne after killing/tricking his brother, the rightful heir. Or maybe in Hammer Loki’s timeline, Thor died and this Loki was compelled to live up to his brother’s legacy, becoming worthy of Mjolnir in the process.

Kid Loki

In Marvel Comics, Loki once died and resurrected again in the form of a kid. Thor caught hold of Loki in his new form, who now called himself Serrure and lived as a French pickpocket. Thor restored Loki’s memories. Kid Loki tried stopping himself from giving into the urge of going evil. Jack veal’s character will definitely use elements of kid Loki’s story arc in the comics in the upcoming episode.

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