Loki Episode 6: 7 Theories On How It All Ends

Loki Episode 6 is going to be one hell of a ride. Fans have come up with their theories on how the saga of the God of Mischief ends.

Loki Discovers Another Loki Variant Created The TVA & Fights His Own Self

There’s a popular theory going around that the leader of the TVA is a familiar face. It has been already proven that out of all time variants, the Loki variants are infamous for being highly elusive and notorious. Kid Loki managed to kill Thor. Old Loki was a true master of illusion. Boastful Loki presumably had the Mjolnir. Lokis survive, no matter the odds. Maybe a Loki variant, the very first one, created the TVA for his own selfish ends – to control time, which was mainstream Loki’s original plan since episode 1 before he met Sylvie.

Loki Finally Meets Kang

The most obvious conclusion would be Loki meeting Kang the Conqueror. The time traveling warlord is known to use time travel technology to defeat his foes. Maybe he was just using the TVA to ensure events in the sacred timeline go according to his plans, in an order. So that he could prime this timeline for annexation. Maybe that’s him in Castle Limbo. Or maybe that’s someone else…..

Loki Meets “He Who Remains” Of The Previous Universe

In the comic books, it has been revealed that the TVA and the Time Keepers are merely pawns. Just like in the show, the one who pulls the strings is someone else. The comics say that entity is the aptly named “He Who Remains”. He belonged to a previous universe and now protects all of time. Thor & Jane Foster showed him the error of his ways in Marvel Comics. Maybe Loki could take a few hints from Vision’s Ship of Theseus playbook from the WandaVision finale and persuade him that he is harming time more than he is protecting it.

Loki Frees All Variants (Permanently Separating Him & Sylvie)

Whatever happens to the TVA is also something to be considered here. Now that we know all of them are variants kidnapped from their timelines, it is time for them to return back to their timelines if they wish to. Loki Episode 6 could see Loki ending the sacred timeline charade, with all variants in the Void and the TVA returning back to their timelines. Of course this would come at a huge cist – Loki & Sylvie will remain forever apart.

Loki Ends The TVA, Leading The Way For The Multiverse

If Loki Episode 6 does end with the TVA bidding adieu since Mobius is hell-bent in trying to “burn it to the ground”, then this is the likely conclusion. Without a TVA, alternate timelines spring up everywhere. Since the MCU is entering the multiverse phase, this would be the right way to do it.

Loki Helps Mobius Take Back The TVA And Propel It In The Right Direction

Maybe there are timelines that need to be pruned because they are a threat to all creation. The TVA is necessary in some cases. So Loki helps Mobius take charge of the timeline patrolling organization and nudge it in the correct direction. The TVA becomes a force for good.

Loki Destroys TVA By Sacrificing Himself, Erasing Him Out Of Existence

This would be the most heartbreaking way Loki Episode 6 ends. Loki discovers the only way to defeat the TVA and whoever is controlling time is by sacrificing himself. This would be a really emotional way for Tom Hiddleston to exit the MCU. Since Marvel Studios is unsure how to move ahead with Loki post his death in Infinity War, there’s always the possibility that Loki Episode 6 is Tom Hiddleston’s last swansong.

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