Loki: Lady Loki Is Bombing The Sacred Timeline To Create An Army Of Loki Variants

Another day, another Loki theory takes up the internet by storm. Lady Loki bombing the sacred timeline has opened a can of worms no one’s ready to clean up now. The sacred timeline is in utter turmoil. The TVA is in chaos, scrambling agents all across time to handle the new rogue time branches formed after Episode 2’s events. But why did Lady Loki do what she did? What did she gain in her quest to take down the TVA when she bombed the Sacred Timeline?

We believe we have the answer. The answer is – Lady Loki’s primary objective of bombing the Sacred Timeline is a closely guarded secret. She wants everyone to think that the timeline bombing would overwhelm the TVA. But since it is Loki we are talking about, and that too a far more superior version, nothing could be left to chance. Lady Loki may not even be looking at the end goal of just creating enough alternate timelines to keep the Time Keepers at bay. Her end goal is to create alternate timelines that pave the way for multiple Loki time variants.

In her quest to take down the TVA, Lady Loki needs an army of her own. And what better way to pull of an assassination of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse than gathering a team of Gods of Mischiefs from all cross creation?

The Clues Had Been Already Laid Out In Episode 2

In Loki’s Episode 2 ending, we see Lady Loki execute the final stages of her plan. After she succeeded in bombing the Sacred Timeline, the locations and eras she sent the reset charges to were visible on a TVA screen. Let us give you a few examples how this supports the Loki Variant Army theory.

Of the many locations Lady Loki sent reset charges to, many went to locations that were closely connected to Loki. For example, the Asgard reset charge, sent seven years prior to the events of the first Thor movie, could have killed Odin and Thor. Loki could have become the new King of Asgard – a powerful Time Variant. One was sent to Jotunheim – the birth place of Loki. This could lead to the creation of a Frost Giant Loki variant. One reset charge was sent to Titan, Thanos’ home world. If Thanos never survived, it means the Mad Titan never killed Loki. So there’s another unique Loki variant. Another significant reset charge location was Niflheim – Hela’s realm. If the Goddess of the underworld was released earlier than expected, Ragnarok could have come early and another new Loki variant could be formed.

There are tons of other locations connected to Loki Lady Loki sent the reset charges to. Every reset charge detonation could create a new timeline, a new Loki. In the Loki teaser, we saw President Loki. He looks unhinged and berserk. Unlike the calm , composed, and now docile variant of Loki under the TVA’s payroll. It’s all coming together now. A Loki Variant army is coming.

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