Loki Series Hints At Thanos Variant In MCU & Fans Are Already Losing Their Minds!!

The Time Variants are considered to be abominations of the sacred timeline. They are beings born out of Nexus Events and the TVA has made its life mission to eradicate them all. To that end, the Time Keepers instruct the Time Variance Authority that Variants are a threat to the multiverse, their very existence a threat to the spark of creation. Amongst all the variants, Mobius claims the Loki time variants were the most notorious ones, with the TVA having dozens of files on various Lokis across the multiverse that created a nuisance throughout time. But what if there was another time variant of an infamous super villain the TVA is hiding from us? Loki Episode 4 just hinted at a Thanos Time Variant.

the fans are so hyped up with this information almost everyone is at the edges of their seats, waiting for the next Loki episode to shed more light on this new piece of information.

Where Did They Tell us about The Thanos Variant In Loki Episode 4?

In Loki Episode 2, Mobius reveals the TVA has had their fair share of dealings with rampart Loki variants. All kinds of Lokis from Frost Giant Loki to Tour de France Loki, and Hulk Loki have been pruned by the Time Variance Authority. So the Endgame Time Heist Loki will also be pruned one day until and unless he helps them apprehend Lady Loki aka Sylvie, a female Loki variant that has become the TVA’s worst nightmare. Last week’s episode revealed multiple other Lokis – Old Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki, and Kid Loki.

At the very beginning of the show, as Loki is being escorted into the inner sanctum of the TVA HQ, we see a Skrull variant being dealt with. After that, there’s also another confirmation of other time variants of important MCU characters existing within the greater multiverse. Mobius claims the TVA has dealt with “Krees, Vampires, and Titans”. The Kree are a militaristic race that favor expansionism and hegemony. From their home world of Hala, they continue to torment other races of the universe. Vampires are a race of blood sucking parasites that will soon be introduced in detail in the upcoming MCU project – Blade.

Mobius Namedrops “Titans”

But it is the other name drop that counts. Mobius said the TVA has also dealt with “Titans” in the past. this could very well be a hint that the TVA has indeed fought a Thanos variant before Loki came into the picture.

The purple skinned Mad Titan Thanos is from the planet known as Titan. The planet was showcased in all its glory in Avengers: Infinity War. Once a thriving utopia, Titan became a victim of overpopulation and went into ruins soon after. Thanos was one of its last survivors. It won’t be out of the ordinary if the TVA had faced a Thanos variant or variants that branched out of the Sacred Timeline.

Maybe this Thanos variant managed to save Titan from meeting its predetermined doom. Or maybe this Thanos variant managed to win the Endgame battle and the avengers are no more in this alternate reality. Or maybe Thanos decided universal domination is too much and stuck to being a farmer in this reality?? The possibilities are endless!

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