Loki Theory: Time Keepers Are Lying. There’s No Sacred Timeline

Long ago, there was a huge Multiverse War. Alternate timelines clashed with each other for supremacy over the Multiverse. there was chaos all around. And from that chaos emerged the Time Keepers, protectors of time and Guardians of the Sacred Timeline. That is the story of the Time Variance Authority.

If you people fell for that, we got news for you. The TVA is lying. This new theory states that The Time Keepers never had a ‘Sacred Timeline’ to protect. It’s all lies they are telling to keep the universe in check. And the best part is – we can prove it to you.

The Time Variance Authority exists from the very beginning of time. after the devastating Multiverse war, they have guarded the one true timeline and handling alternate timelines. They take care of the Time Variants and then “pruned” these radical time branches using reset charges. These charges delete everything connected to an alternate timeline, thus deleting the timeline from ever existing.

In Loki Episode 2, we see something extremely peculiar. The reset charges the TVA uses to delete timelines have been sent to different eras of the Sacred Timeline. Theoretically speaking, since the Sacred Timeline is just one more timeline like the alternate timelines, it should be pruned just like the others. And by pruned, we mean deleted. That is not the case.

When the reset charges explode all over the Sacred Timeline, they instead create alternate timelines. If the TVA has been using these charges to delete timelines, how come the Sacred Timeline did not get deleted. How come it ended up branching out into different timelines?

The Sacred Timeline Does Not Exist. It’s One Big Fat Lie

As we know, the flow of time cannot be stopped. If someone does something out of the ordinary and against what it was predestined to do, it creates an alternate timeline. There has to be multiple such Nexus Events all over the Sacred Timeline, which technically runs forever. The Time Keepers lied when they stated they protect the one and only sacred timeline.

The Sacred Timeline is in fact a tapestry of multiple alternate timelines branching out and into each other. This was proven when Lady Loki bombed it. Instead of being pruned, the reset charges merely made the Sacred Timeline create an infinite amount of new branches. So the TVA’s quest to end all alternate timelines is a sham.

The Time Keepers know this. Lady Loki knows this. Maybe even Renslayer knows this. But the question is – why would the Time Keepers go to such an extent to propagate such a dubious lie in the first place?

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