Loki : TVA Possibly Wiped Variants Of These Characters

The introduction of the Time Variance Authority  in Loki has got many of the viewers thinking about so many questions which we need answers of and the most important one being “ on what criteria does the TVA have to decide the fate of the Scared Timeline” and why would the y hide themselves?
This also leads to the belief that Loki has many variants in that the TVA might have wiped out of existence and some of them could be the MCU’s most important heroes or villains.

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But maybe Loki can break the status quo and become the gateway to the breakdown of the multiverse.

According to Mobius in the second episode of Loki, TVA has had to wipe off Loki variants more than any other.

Variants are the reason TVA operates and the most mundane of actions can lead any regular human to become one.
However when there are supernatural occurrences like time travel and magic affect the Sacred Timeline more deeply and sadly, Loki falls in both of these.

TVA is quite ambiguous so they could have come across any MCU character and they might actually be a bigger threat to the Sacred Timeline. There are the characters whose variants may have already been erased by the TVA.

1.  Dormammu and Nightmare

Dormammu and Nightmare both are mystical entities who live in their own dimensions and are also are enemies of Doctor Strange.
Loki series hasn’t revealed if Dark Dimension and Dream Dimension fall under the TVA but Infinity Stones suggest they do. Considering Time Keepers oversee all dimensions, it is possible that these two have their own variants.


2. Mephisto

Mephisto with his Devil like figure is the most anticipated addition to the MCU. He can alter reality and interact with different universes. According to comics, he is currently working with a council of 616 of his versions. Whenever Devil debuts, he could tell that TVA managed to wipe off several of his weaker variants.


3. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is to be the best Sorcerer Supreme the world has ever seen. He had used Time Stone to foresee 14,000,605 possibilities in the Dark Dimension to defeat Thanos, but it was for the wellbeing of his universe. However, TVA would have destroyed the 140,000,604 variants who failed to beat Thanos.
Time Keepers allowed Avengers to time travel because it benefitted the Scared Timeline.


4. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maxioff aka Sacrlet Witch has some powerful magic and she can  summon a pocket reality and manipulate people like puppets.
She has performed incredible magic with commercial breaks in WandaVision. Possibly, TVA could have pruned her weaker versions.

5.  America Chavez

In the Marvel Comics, America Chavez comes from the Utopian Parallel. She is soon to make a debut in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness where she will possibly arrive only in the moment of crisis.
This lowers her possibility of having rouge variants across the Sacred Timeline.
But anything can happen in Marvel and so there is a high chance of her being linked to TVA.

However, according to Mobius, there are many Marvel characters that have not been introduced ! Maybe there could be some crashes in Doctor Strange’s upcoming movie.

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