Loki: Why TVA’s Collection Didn’t Have The Mind Stone?

Finally, the first season of the Marvel and Disney+ series, Loki, is here. The first episode of the series showed that the TVA (Time Variance Authority) had possession of several infinity stones. But, surprisingly, the collection excluded the Mind Stone.

The first episode of Loki showed that the TVA had several Infinity Stones in their custody, but not the mind stone. With that said, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s another Disney+ series showed up with the God of Mischief’s escape from New York in Avengers: Endgame. The series is starring Tom Hiddleston in the front along with other co-actors. When Loki vanished with the help of the Tesseract, TVA’s agent, Hunter B-15 arrests him for breaching the Sacred Timeline. From there onwards, the God of Mischief starts a completely new journey separate from Thor. Sooner, he comes to know about the inner workings of the TVA and starts to meet his other variants along the way.

But, before Loki could jump into the spectacular journey of the Marvel Studios, it was certainly necessary for the makers to explain – why and how Loki is still alive despite what happened in Avengers: Infinity War? As a result, the first episode of the Marvel and Disney+ series was all about setting up the premise of the current storyline. Loki looks out for every way possible to escape from his predicament. Somehow, he manages to get away from Agent Mobius and starts to blackmail Casey, a desk officer to return him the Tesseract. As soon as the desk officer pull out the drawer, Loki realized that TVA has plenty of the powerful Infinity Stones but treats them as they are nothing but just some pieces of gems.

The collection included several Reality Stones, Time Stones, Power Stones, Soul Stone, and Space Stone. Surprisingly, there was no Mind Stone. There has been zero explanation in Loki regarding the absence of the Mind Stone. This leads towards a possibility of bigger conjunction of the Mind Stone and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With that said, here are some of the most popular theories that explains this ‘absence’–

The Drawer Must Be Having That Day’s Collections

The most practical reason behind the absence of the Mind Stone from TVA’s collection is that Loki episode 1 must have included a one-day collection in that drawer. It is possible that these were the only gems collected after arresting one round of Loki variants. Other than this, it is also possible that the TVA has already used the Mind Stone from the pile.

It Must Be Linked With Scarlet Witch

As the MCU is planning to move forward from the Infinity Saga, Mind Stone is the only stone that can help in emphasizing the future of the universe. Agatha Harkness in WandaVision claimed that Mind Stone helped her to amplify Wanda’s powers. Also, in the end, Scarlet Witch echoed her bond with the Mind Stone. Even during her farewell with Vision, she said that “he is the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me”. So there is a possibility that TVA failed to acquire the Mind Stone since it is linked with Scarlet Witch, who is a Nexus being.

It Is Soul Stone That Is Missing

Looking at Loki episode 1, it is visible that Mind Stone is missing from TVA’s drawer collection. But, it is also possible that it is not the Mind Stone but the Soul Stone that was missing. The collection included a yellow-orange gem that is supposed to be the Soul Stone but if we look closer, it is much bigger than what it should have been. This makes complete sense because acquiring the Soul Stone is not easy as it is been guarded in Vormir. Also, to acquire it, one has to make a sacrifice. We have seen how Thanos and Hawkeye made the most painful sacrifices in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to acquire the stone in Endgame and Infinity War.

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