Lord Of The Rings TV Show Will Feature More Diverse Hobbits

The Lord of the Rings‘ legacy has endured long after the films have ended, with many people comparing modern imaginations to the age-old classic. Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV show adaption will premiere on the Prime Video streaming platform in September 2022, according to reports. The highly anticipated series has reportedly been in development for years, and it is expected to be one of the most expensive television shows ever produced in terms of both production expenses and manpower.

The upcoming The Lord of the Rings TV show will feature Hobbits that are not white

Lord of the Rings TV show will feature more diverse Hobbits
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Now, one of the show’s performers, British comedian Sir Lenny Henry, has applauded the show’s increased diversity, which includes the addition of black hobbits. The 63-year-old took part in a discussion on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live show about the new series and his role in it. According to Bleeding Cool, Henry discussed the distinctions between the show and the film series, as well as how this adaptation will place a stronger emphasis on diversity and female empowerment.

Proposed Plot Line

Lord of the Rings TV show will feature more diverse Hobbits

Despite the fact that Amazon has yet to produce a trailer for their Lord of the Rings TV show, there is already a lot of information about the series despite the fact that it is still a year away from release. The programme will be set 1,000 years before the events in the films, allowing the writers to explore fresh stories with characters that have yet to be introduced to the public. Galadriel, Elrond, and Sauron will all appear in the show, but there will be a slew of new characters, including Oren, Beldor, Tyra, and Trevyn, who will be unfamiliar to viewers. Although Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films featured a predominantly white cast, it’s evident that Amazon is attempting to diversify its characters.

Lord of the Rings TV show will feature more diverse Hobbits

While fans will always enjoy characters like Frodo and Sam, it will be a refreshing change of pace to witness more diversity in such a popular location as Middle Earth. Regardless of what Amazon does, if the programme deviates too far from Jackson’s vision, it will be panned, but a focus on diversity and female strength should be a welcome shift in the Lord of the Rings universe.


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