Love and Thunder: All You Need To Know About Chris Hemsworth’s Kids’ Roles

Chris Hemsworth has earlier discussed his children’s roles in Thor: Love and Thunder and what it actually meant for the actor to have his kids involved with the anticipated project. 

The actor was last seen in 2019’s Endgame when he teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the climax, Thor is, at last, set for a theatrical release as Love and Thunder is on its way. After the success of Thor: Ragnarok (2017), director Taika Waititi returns to direct this much-anticipated MCU film.

Love and Thunder Sees The Return Of Some Favourite Thor Characters

Love and Thunder
Thor 4

The film will not just see the return of Valkyrie(Tessa Thompson), but will also see the long-awaited return of Jane Foster ( Natalie Portman), who will also take up the Mighty Thor mantle. The film will also see Batman star Christian Bale star as MCU’s terrifying threat, Gorr the God butcher.

Thor: Love and Thunder serve as Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo outing as the Asgardian after a few memorable performances throughout his decade-long marvel career.

Hemsworth’s Kids Have Roles IN The Film

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

From early footage, it was speculated that the movie could be Hemsworth and Thor’s last adventure altogether. However, director Waititi recently debunked these claims by stating that he has a lot more Thor stories to be told going forward. The first Thor: Love and Thunder trailer featured very brief footage of a younger Thor, who many fans pointed out to be Hemsworth’s own young son.

While appearing in an interview with @KevinMcCarthyTV, Hemsworth was questioned about his son’s appearance in the teaser. The actor even opened up about how his a few fellow co-stars’ kids were also involved in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The actor, who has three children with Elsa Pataky, went on to reveal how his kids were very excited and keen to be in the movie, revealing that while many know that his son plays a younger Thor, his daughter also features as a character named Love. Hemsworth recalled filming Love and Thunder a “one-off fun family experience.”

Here is the clip of Hemsworth below:

Through the years he has spent playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth has talked about how much the Marvel character means to him and how the hero has been a constant throughout his whole career. As the kids of Hemsworth gear up for their exciting MCU debut, fans don’t have to wait very long as Thor: Love and Thunder finally lands on July 8.

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Ryan Lee

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