Love and Thunder Has Many Just-Can’t-Miss Post-Credits Scenes

Thor: Love and Thunder by Marvel Studios feature a pair of some not-to-miss post-credits scenes, and one should not want to leave the theater halls without watching them. This comes in after the pre-release reports of reactions that the movie had many post-credits scenes.

Love and Thunder Will Have TWO ‘can’t-miss’ post-credits scenes

Love and Thunder
Chris Hemsworth

Now, the latest report suggests that Love and Thunder‘s two post-credits scenes have already been confirmed, with one of the two scenes making an appearance during the middle of the rolling credits and the second in the end.

Without revealing anything major about these two scenes, however, they have been confirmed to have some major implications for the future of the MCU. In brief, no scene is a simple gag like Marvel fans saw while seeing 2017’s Homecoming, which got over with Captain America’s “Patience” PSA.

What About the Rest of Love and Thunder?

Love and Thunder

Reviews for Love and Thunder have mostly praised the latest installment in the MCU, with many critics saying the film “more than meets expectations.” Writer-director Taika Waititi received praise for “developing heart-wrenching stories” for the film’s characters, specifically Natalie Portman’s “scene-stealing” Jane Foster/Mighty Thor. Christian Bale has also earned praise for his performance as Gorr the God Butcher. On the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes, Thor: Love and Thunder boasts a 71% critic score, with the overall consensus being that the film “feels like Ragnarok redux” but still “offers enough fast-paced fun to make this a worthy addition to the MCU.”

Love and Thunder Early Reviews Have Been Positive

Mighty Thor
Mighty Thor

The early reviews for Love and Thunder have been positive mostly praising the most recent installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with various critics calling the movie “more than meets expectations.”

Director and writer Taika Waititi also received immense praise for “developing heart-wrenching stories” for the characters of the film, especially Natalie Portman’s “scene-stealing” Mighty Thor.

Batman star Christian Bale also earned enough praise for his villainous performance as Gorr the God Butcher. On Rotten Tomatoes, Thor: Love and Thunder boast a 71% critic score, with a few saying that the film “feels like Ragnarok redux” but still “offers enough fast-paced fun to make this a worthy addition to the MCU.”

Source: Marvel/Disney

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