Love and Thunder: How Taika Waititi Drastically Changed Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor From Marvel Comics

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder, now in theaters.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now running in theaters, and fans can see the much-awaited return of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), taking on an all-new role as The Mighty Thor.

The story of Love and Thunder adapts a few parts of her The Mighty Thor andThor: Goddess of Thunder arcs, and while the MCU movies take their liberties with these story arcs to adapt them to the big screen, the influence remains clear, giving the heroic origin story of Jane as The Mighty Thor.

How Does Jane Become The Mighty Thor in Comics?

Love and Thunder
Jane Becoming The Mighty Thor in Marvel Comics

In the pages of comics, Thor is not worthy anymore to lift Mjolnir, partly thanks to the events that followed “The God Butcher” arc.

The universe in itself is basically a Thor; however, a woman like Jane Foster — hears the hammer calling out to her. She tries to pick the hammer up surface of the moon, and Jane succeeds in transforming into The Mighty Thor.

How Does Jane Transform The Mighty Thor in Love and Thunder?

Love and Thunder
The Mighty Thor

As it turns out when Jane and Thor were together, Thor made  Mjolnir a promise to look after Jane, no matter what, and well, the hammer kept this promise as a magical enchantment, just like the one placed that allows anyone worthy to be able to wield the powers of Thor.

The only real reason that the hammer calls out is that, like in the  Marvel comics, Jane was diagnosed with cancer, and nothing scientific looked like it can save Jane. At first, Jane does not accept this and does her own research to find a solution, so she can pursue her passion to help the world.

However, Jane’s research is coming up well short, and she decides to dive into what some cosmic magic might have in store for her. This is when she hears Mjolnir calling out to her.

Jane’s Entrance As The Mighty Thor Was ICONIC

The Mighty Thor
The Mighty Thor

Once she is reunited with the mighty hammer, which pieced itself back on its own, Jane wields it in the New Asgard’s fight against Gorr the God Butcher; however, just like her comic version, whenever she lets go of the Mjolnir, she transforms back to her mortal form. She later learns that turning into The Mighty Thor drains her of her mortality, but similar to the comics, this doesn’t stop Janee to fight one last time, reminding all MCU fans why she is worthy of being The Mighty Thor in Love and Thunder.

See Jane Foster’s transformation in Thor: Love and Thunder, now in theaters.

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