Low Cost Cosplay: The 30 Best Cosplay Ideas By The Internet Sensation

Cosplays are one of the most popular and widely acclaimed homages paid by fans to their favorite characters and fandoms. From Alyson Tabbitha to Jessica Nigri, the world of cosplay has only become much more diverse and fascinating with year. Interestingly, actress Olivia Munn is also a former cosplayer. However, in recent years the internet sensation Low Cost Cosplay has been taking the world by storm with his funny and creative take on the art of cosplay.

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Anucha “Cha” Saengchart aka ‘Low Cost Cosplay’ has become the face of budget cosplay where he uses daily household items in the most creative ways possible. With over 2.5 million followers, Low Cost Cosplay has proved that everyone can be a cosplayer, even without an exorbitant budget or spending months on creating the perfect costume. Here are 30 of his best cosplay ideas that you cannot miss!

30. Goku

Low Cost Cosplay

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Makes sense since Goku can transform into a Giant Ape, and apes love mangoes.

29. Bruce from Nemo

Low Cost Cosplay

Pixar, are you seeing this work of art?

28. Naruto

Low Cost Cosplay

Wait, which Hidden Village has that insignia?

27. Kaoru Hanayama

Low Cost Cosplay

Somebody call the Yakuza.

26. Tokyo Ghoul

Low Cost Cosplay

Just don’t start eating people, please.

25. Going Merry

Low Cost Cosplay

10/10 Luffy would love this.

24. Impostor Luffy

Low Cost Cosplay One Piece

The resemblance is uncanny.

23. Goddess of Genesis

Truly a goddess.

22. Piccolo

Low Cost Cosplay Piccolo

So, is it…Vegan Piccolo?

21. Itaewon

20. Captain Tsubasa

This is honestly ingenious.

19. Colonel Sanders

This man deserves a free bucket.

18. Inuyasha

Can we just take a moment and adore that little furball?

17. Attack on Titan

This is honestly more disturbing than the real titan.

16. Sushi

Great pets are great cosplayers too.

15. Harry Potter

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Harry, how did you get that…? Nevermind.

14. Snow White

Not the Snow White I expected.

13. Korean Citron Tea

If this is product placement, then he is killing it!

12. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Diamonds are Unbreakable. As if Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure was not bizarre enough.

11. Detective Conan

I would like to watch a live-action version of this one.

10. Spirited Away

Step aside, Studio Ghibli.

9. Monkey D. Luffy

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Luffy would definitely hire him only for these cosplays.

8. Cave?

How can something be both disgusting and alluring at the same time?

7. Lisa

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6. Baby Yoda

Low Cost Cosplay Baby Yoda

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The Mandalorian would kill this Baby Yoda in the first episode itself.

5. Pain

Low Cost Cosplay Nagato

Nagato would be so proud. Also, that onion will definitely be PAINful.

4. Joker

Low Cost Cosplay Joker

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This is seriously amazing!

3. Among Us Dead

Low Cost Cosplay Among Us

Only a sus would cosplay as a dead body. EMERGENCY MEETING!

2. Boa Hancock

Low Cost Cosplay Boa Hancock

You don’t need to be well endowed to cosplay Boa Hancock.

1. Godzilla

Low Cost Cosplay Godzilla

Footzilla, the King of Toe-nsters.

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