‘Lucas Till as Flash is Literal Perfection’: Why This X-Men Star is Internet’s Top Pick to Replace Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller, the actor who plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the DCEU, has recently become popular for several cases of misconduct, assault and kidnapping. The actor’s erratic behaviour has made them fans’ least favourite actor alongside Amber Heard. Now the fans are asking the studios to replace the problematic actor and cast other capable actors for the role since Flash is one of the most important superheroes in DC, and fans have waited years for a Flash film.

Allegations against Ezra Miller

Actor Ezra Miller - Lucas Till as Flash is Literal Perfection
Actor Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller has been accused of several things in the past few years, the most recent being harassing a 12-year-old and her mother. The actor has fled from the authorities. Ezra also posted a series of posts on their Instagram taunting the authorities until finally deleting their account. Moreover, in April 2020, a video surfaced online in which the actor was seen physically assaulting a woman. The actor was also accused by Takota Iron Eyes’ parents that they used violence and other forms of intimidation to groom their child since she was 12 years old.

Fans want Lucas Till to play the Flash in DCEU

Lucas Till - Lucas Till as Flash is Literal Perfection
Lucas Till

The actor’s behaviour and legal battles have left Warner Bros. Discovery in a tough situation regarding the Flash film, which is set to release on June 23rd next year. Sources claim that the studio will likely go forward will releasing the film and then recast the role for future films. Fans have taken it upon themselves to find an actor who is fit for the role of the scarlet speedster, and the majority of the fans want Lucas Till for the part.


The fan edits in the tweets are a testimony of how much they wish for Lucas to play the role.

Lucas Till loves the idea of playing the Flash

Lucas Till as Havok
Lucas Till as Havok

Mr. Till has been a part of the superhero world in the past. The actor played the character Havok in the X-Men films, and now it seems like the actor is open to playing Barry Allen/The Flash. In a recent interview, the actor was asked about his thoughts on the fans’ demands of him to take over as the Flash. The actor replied by saying,

“Honestly I would love to go back to doing it.”

“I definitely, I love the idea, I don’t think any of my agents have been called on this,” the actor added.

Now that the actor has shared his willingness to play the role, the fans will likely go into a frenzy. Hopefully, Warner Bros. Discovery will consider the fans’ demand and give the actor a chance to play the iconic character.

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