Lucifer Season 6

Fans who are eagerly waiting for season 6 of Lucifer has some bad news for them.

Reportedly, the season 6 of Lucifer has met with some trouble. The reason is due to a dispute over the contract terms.

The clash is related to behind-the-scenes issues that are critical for the future. On Netflix, news regarding the upcoming season 6 began surfacing the internet.

If the current contract terms do not adhere to it might be possible to fail to come up with season 6.

Trouble in Paradise??

A still from Lucifer: Season 4

This dispute might result in delaying the scheduled release of the next season. Tom Ellis, the lead in Lucifer, has issues related to the latest offer that has been provided by Warner Bros.

Warner Bros production over the years and has always been agreeing to keep up with Tom. But this time it’s cross limits. However, during the last month, the actor had accepted the contract extension for season 6.

Rumors Surfaced on Netflix Regarding Season 6

A glimpse of Tom Ellis

The rejection of the current offer would lead to a potential breach of contract on the part of the actor. The exact reason for the resentment in accepting the latest offer remains unknown. It is seen that the actors’ demand is always taken into consideration.

However, when things always go in your favor, you tend to take advantage of it. Ellis holds a crucial role in the Lucifer series right from its premiere in the year 2016. 

The Future Remains Uncertain!!

The Original Lucifer

Lucifer started to feature on Netflix since the fourth season. The upcoming season 5 will be seen on Netflix this year, which will have two parts. Since the past couple of months, there are rumors that Season 6, too, might arrive.

The remaining star cast of the series includes Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Aimee Gracia. With time, it will become whether the upcoming series 6 is likely to hit Netflix or not.

Here’s a short look at the upcoming trailer of Lucifer Season 5:

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