Madonna Hesitant to Return Rare Painting From First World War to France After Slyly Buying it For $1.3M in 1989

It is a well-known fact that the Queen of Pop or Madonna is a huge art lover. As is clear from her vast collection of art pieces from several artists. Her collection includes names like Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Cindy Sherman, etc. Also, it has been estimated that her considerable collection is worth around 100 million dollars currently.

Recently, the mayor of the French city of Amiens has requested the singer to loan one of her collections. They believe that a lost painting from the city’s museum is possibly among Madonna’s vast art collection. According to them, the art piece had been sold for 1.3 million dollars. The request has been made as the French city has been chosen as a candidate for the 2028 European Capital of Culture.

French City’s Request To the Queen of Pop


Recently, the mayor of Amiens (French City)  Brigitte Fouré has come up with a request to the Queen of Pop, Madonna. It is popularly known that she possesses a vast collection of paintings that she has been collecting since the ’80s. And according to the words of Brigitte Fouré, her collection contains one of the city’s lost artwork. According to La Figaro, a  painting by Jérôme-Martin Langlois titled Diana and Endymion is believed to have been bought by Madonna at a 1989 auction for 1.3 million dollars. And as Amiens has been chosen as a candidate for 2028’s European Capital of Culture hence the request by the mayor. Fouré shared via Facebook writing,

“So I would like that on this occasion, this year, you could lend us your painting,” 

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Diana and Endymion Painting
Diana and Endymion Painting

She did mention that there was no dispute regarding Madonna’s ownership of the art. The 19th-century painting was ordered by French King Louis XVIII and was bought by the state in 1873. And before it got lost,  it was placed at the city’s museum. However, it got lost after the bombing of Germany on the city during the world war. But as of now, there has been no response from the Material Girl hitmaker.

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Madonna’s Art Collection


There is no doubt that Madonna not only loves to collect artwork but she also draws her inspiration from them. Most of her musical works are influenced by art. The Like a Virgin singer has been collecting paintings since the early ’80s. And her collection includes various artists from Picasso to Frida Kahlo. Reportedly she owns about 5 paintings by Kahlo. One of her favorites is the American artist Man Ray. The singer has at least three of Ray’s artwork. According to ARTSPACE, Madonna gave the reason behind her collection saying,

“I get strength from my art, all paintings I own are powerful”

Therefore, her collection estimated to be worth around 100 million dollars is neither for investment purposes nor merely as decor. The Material Girl hitmaker apparently receives her inspiration from the arts. Apart from collecting paintings, she also attends MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) launch parties.

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Source: CNN Style

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