Maestro: Facts About The Deadly Evil Hulk Of The Future Even Long Term Marvel Fans Don’t Know

A literal force of nature, Maestro is an evil version of the Hulk that has went insane after absorbing the radiation from a nuclear war.  Here are some facts about him we bet you never knew.

Enhanced Powers

Maestro – Powers

The Hulk is a being powered by pure gamma radiation. So when the nuclear war happened, the Hulk absorbed a lot of it. This gave birth to the Maestro persona. Because of the increase in radiation in his body, his powers are much more potent than that of the Hulk in his base form. The radiation has also amplified his mental attributes. Unlike the Hulk that is a mindless brute, Maestro is capable of human speech and can even interact with beings from the astral plane.

He Travels Back In Time To Irradiate The Hulk

Time Travel Shenanigans

Maestro is a version of the Hulk after the extra radiation turns him insane. But the guy is way crazier and paranoid than you thought he was. Despite time running a linear course, Maestro wanted to ensure the Hulk receives that extra dose of radiation that makes him Maestro. So he uses time travel technology to go back to the past and ensure the nuclear war does the trick for Banner. In the end, his actions result in the Hulk’s gamma infection being totally erased, leading to Maestro never being born in the first place.

He Can Transfer Back Into Bruce Banner At Will

He Can Easily Transform Back

Maestro is not like the Hulk. The Hulk is a persona that struggles for control over Banner‘s body. Maestro’s body has no such inhibitions. He can freely transfer to Banner and transfer back into his Maestro form at will. He does so all the while keeping his deranged and nihilistic personality intact. This is not a good thing though. It means even the super-smart and logical Bruce Banner has given into dark fanaticism.

He Has A Child

Maestro’s Child

Like the Hulk, Maestro also has a kid of his own. After the climactic battle between the two, Maestro is seemingly wiped out. But his legacy lives on in the form of his then unborn child. Turns out he had already impregnated a woman. the woman travels back in time and was biding her time raising Maestro’s kid, away from the evil dude’s influence. Shulk, Maestro’s cousin, comes back to the same timeline hoping she could eliminate Maestro’s deadly progeny before it becomes a threat.

The Ground Zero Connection

Homing Sense

Ground Zero is the site of the gamma explosion that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk. Hulk has a mysterious homing sense to the area. This is the doing of Maestro, who attached the Hulk’s spirit to the remains that lay there. When the Hulk returns to Ground Zero, a weakened Maestro uses this opportunity to absorb the Hulk’s gamma radiation into himself in order to make him stronger. He loses the battle and gets buried in a rockslide.

How Maestro Learned To Stop the Hulk

2006’s Exiles #80

When the Exiles came to Maestro’s timeline in the search of Proteus, they found Maestro battling Proteus who had possessed the body of Hulk 2099. In that arc, the Hulk 2099 snaps Maestro’s neck and substantially slows him down. The evil Hulk survives but he realizes this a glaring flaw in his abilities. During the Future Imperfect storyline, Maestro uses the same neck snapping move to incapacitate the Hulk and give him enough time to convince him to join his side.

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