Magneto and Professor X Aren’t As Old As They Should Be.Why?

Unlike Reed Richards and Ben Grimm’s World War II military service, it is a lot harder to ignore Magneto’s background in World War II, since all of the terrible things that had happened to him during the Holocaust because he was Jewish are a huge part of his characterization, ever since he first revealed his background in Uncanny X-Men #150 (by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and Joe Rubinstein)…

Now, Professor Xavier’s background in the Korean War had obviously could be written out if need be…

Uncanny X Men
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Okay, so we have established out that they’re both pretty firmly entrenched in the past, so how, then, do you reconcile this with the fact that they would each have to be in their mid-to-late 80s at the absolutely very earliest?

Uncanny X-Men #167


With Xavier, it was when he was taken over by a Brood Queen in Uncanny X-Men #167 (by Claremont, Paul Smith and Bob Wiacek)…


They stopped the Brood Queen, but his body was now destroyed…so they just cloned him another one!



Meanwhile, in Defenders #16 (by Len Wein, Sal Buscema and Mike Esposito), Magneto and his Brotherhood of the Evil Mutants had been trying to manipulate an “ultimate mutant,” but instead, Magneto and his cronies were reduced to infancy..


Magneto returned in X-Men #104!


And we have learned that he was re-aged to adulthood…

Obviously, he was aged to a younger age than before.

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