As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has progressed, many memorable characters have been lost to the sands of time. While their whereabouts are unknown, it is time Marvel Studios spends some time to pen the story of their return.

Baron Mordo – Last Seen In Doctor Strange

Baron Mordo

Mordo went AWOL after the events of Doctor Strange. He is now hunting people with magical potential claiming the world has “too many sorcerers” already. Mordo is surely going to fight Doctor Strange in the future. Like his comic book counterpart, Mordo is a very powerful wizard and he will give the Sorcerer Supreme a run for his money when he finally returns to the big screens.

Lady Sif – Last Seen In Loki

Lady Sif

The way Marvel Studios has treated Lady Sif is nothing short of a travesty. A fine warrior, Sif has been reduced to a romantic interest for Thor. While her character has made multiple appearances in shows like Agents of SHIELD and Loki, there’s still so much Jamie Alexander could offer as Sif. We are already envisioning her teaming up with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Jane Foster Thor to form her own Asgardian Girl Gang.

Erik Selvig – Last Seen In Age Of Ultron

Erik Selvig

Selvig has been an invaluable asset to the Avengers, having helped them on numerous occasions. His knowledge of dimensional physics and travel could very well be useful in the upcoming MCU movies. Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hearing towards the Multiverse, Selvig – the world’s foremost authority on that subject could team up with his old research colleague Jane Foster in Thor: Love & Thunder.

The Collector – Last Seen In Infinity War

The Collector

The Guardians stumbled upon Thanos strangling Taneleer Tivan but that turned out to be an illusion. The Reality Stone was already in Thanos’ possession. So we do not know if the Collector escaped or Thanos did really murder him. This plausible deniability factor is enough to consider the Collector’s return to the MCU. The Collector could hold the secret to Gamora’s return or maybe he will team up with the Grandmaster, a fellow Elder of the Universe, for some humorous scenes.

Ghost – Last Seen in Ant-Man & The Wasp


Ava Starr requires constant access to quantum energy otherwise she will be painfully torn apart between dimensions. Scott Lang got trapped in the quantum realm when the snap happened, thus he could never deliver the necessary energy to Ava. between the Snap and the Blip, Ava was left to fend for herself on her own. There’s a slight chance he may have joined the government-sponsored Thunderbolts – a team of reformed villains, in exchange for access to quantum energy.

The Leader – Last Seen In The Incredible Hulk

The Leader

Samuel Sterns helped Banner get rid of his Hulk persona. His radioactive blood found his way into Sterns’ brain, and Sterns could be seen becoming his comic book counterpart – the Leader. A powerful Hulk foe, the Leader, and Endgame’s Smart Hulk fighting would be a magnificent battle of the minds. But since a solo Hulk movie is still a pipedream, the Leader would most likely come to the MCU via the Thunderbolts.

Arnim Zola – Last Seen In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Arnim Zola

The analog A.I played a vital role for HYDRA during Captain America 2. A bomb strike destroyed the facility housing his databanks. But it is entirely possible Zola escaped obliteration by copying his code into another database. Zola could team up with other villains to fight Anthony Mackie’s Captain America in the upcoming Captain America movie. Or maybe he joins the Thunderbolts?

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