Major Movies In Which Robert Pattinson Failed To Land The Role

Robert Pattinson is flourishing in life and we couldn’t be prouder! He has had quite a career from being Cedric Diggory to playing many’s teenage crush Edward Cullen and now being the latest Batman and making us fall in love with him all over again.

He has also played several amazing roles in between these major roles as well. He had got many major roles opportunity but sadly missed out on some impressive films. But he’s also explained the reason why he missed out on the part. Some of these might come as a shocker, but here are movies in which Robert failed to land the role.

1. Guardians of The Galaxy

Movies that Robert Pattinson could have been in
How would Robert do as Star-Lord?

Robert Pattinson was actually offered a role in MCU but he turned it down in 2014. The reason was that he had just finished Twilight and couldn’t picture himself as a star of some superhero movie. And maybe it makes sense since he wouldn’t have been an ideal fit for the role of Starboy. Well luckily for him Batman certainly earned better reviews than Guardians of the Galaxy did.

2. Transformers 2 – Revenge Of The Fallen

Movies that Robert didn't land a role in
 Robert could have been in Transformers

Well, we would say he dodged a bullet here right? Apparently, he had screwed up the auditions by using his go tp American accent. He didn’t realize that everyone in the audition knew him and he still kept his accent throughout the process and the producers thought he was doing improv that too was a bad one. His agent called him to explain what went wrong. But this surely was a blessing in disguise for the actor since we know how this film fared with the critics.

3. Vanity Fair

Movies that Robert Pattinson lost roles in
They Cut Robert Pattinson’s part in Vanity Fair

The movie was adapted from Willaim Makepeace Thackeray’s novel. The film shows Becky being orphaned at a young age and her parents had a poor English artist and a French chorus girl. But when she leaves her academy, she vows to uplift herself in society and is ready to do whatever it takes for her to do so. Reese Witherspoon played the lead. And actually, Robert Pattinson even filmed a few scenes for the movie but all of them were cut from the final edit of the film. Robert played protagonist Rawdy Crawley in the original ending of the film.

4. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Movies that Robert Pattinson Missed to land a role in
Robert Pattinson was considered for Chris Evans’ role

Director Edgar Wright was very impressed with Robert Pattinson’s audition for the movie but the role went to Chris Evans. The plot revolves around Scott Pilgrim who meets Ramona and falls in love with her. But then upon meeting her ex at a band competition, he understands that he will have to deal with all her 7 exes to impress Ramona. Chris Evans had roped the role of Lucas Lee which was the same one for which Robert auditioned.

After the release of the film, we are sure Robert might have been relieved. While the film did impress the critics, it was a major box office flop.

5. There Will Be Blood

Movies in Which Robert Pattinson failed to land a role
Robert Pattinson rejected to be in There will be blood

This film was had got critical acclaim and was considered Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece. Robert Pattinson was open about the fact that he wished he had won the role. He said in an interview, “I remember reading the script and thinking it was the best script ever. I just couldn’t do it… I was gonna go into the audition, but I was just, like, I can’t do it.”

Apparently, Robert turned down the role and many have said it might have since he felt he was too young and didn’t have much experience to give justice to the role while others felt that his obligations to the Twilight franchise.

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