Major PS4 Exclusive Reportedly Coming to PC Very Soon

Another big exclusive PS4 is now eligible for Windows, according to a new report. In particular, Guerrilla Games ‘ Horizon: Zero Dawn will be coming up to PC in February 2020, said Anton Logvinov, one of the largest YouTube channels in the Russian gaming scene. In preparation for this, a public announcement is supposed to be ready for Sony Interactive Entertainment that is coming to light shortly. The Russian YouTuber doesn’t reveal any other relevant information.

The Claim

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This claim should, of course, taken with one or two grains of salt. Although in the past Anton Logvinov had exact scoops, not all of his words fulfilled. In other words, there’s nothing here worth taking to the bookies. That said, given that February is only a few months away means we won’t have to wait long to find out if this one is true.

The New Titles

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As you may know, Sony has just taken some of its titles to PCs— e.g. Detroit: Become Human— but the proprietary naming for PlayStation consoles has stayed unchanged, and I don’t see why that would change soon. Sony has, also, advocated holding the exclusivities from the first-party on PS4 and PS5 on several occasions.

As you may remember, Death Stranding launches on the PC in 2020, but it’s a title from a second party. The scenario is therefore isolated from Guerrilla Games and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Zero Dawn

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If Horizon: Zero Dawn arrives on the PC, on December 12th, 2019, we can hear about it very well. Indeed, the Game Awards 2019 is the only place it might appear unless PlayStation intends to make the hypothetical announcement on a random afternoon. That said, I can’t see this happening personally, although in the past crazier things happened.

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