Man Of Steel: 7 Heroes Who Embarrassingly Kicked Superman’s ‘Kryptonian Ass’

Superman is unarguably the strongest character in the entire DC Universe. His DNA confined with Earth’s yellow sun deems him basically indestructible. While he does have weaknesses like magic, it has been proved time and again, that he is not an easy nut to crack. He has faced numerous foes over the years and many have almost taken him out.

There have been many superheroes who have gone against the Man of Steel, only to come out in flying colours. So, today we will enlist 7 heroes who embarrassingly took down Superman.

7. Wonder Woman

During Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 4, Superman got brutally beaten by Wonder Woman. This issue saw Superman against Wonder Woman, and one moment of hesitation cost Superman one of the most brutal beatdowns he may have ever received.

Usually, both of these characters come to a truce while fighting, but this time Wonder Woman senses Clark’s hesitation in hurting her and showed no mercy to him.

6. Shazam

Many fans may not realise that Shazam is actually strong enough to hold his ground against Superman. The reason being his ability to utilise magic for his powers, something Superman is extremely vulnerable to.

He continually changes from Billy Batson to Shazam during the fight to call down lightning, and once it does, he takes him out pretty easily.

5. Green Lantern

In DC Comics Presents #26, we saw a villain named N’Gom who made a copy of Hal Jordan that even wore his Green Lantern ring.

Not only this, but this Power ring could create a synthetic form of kryptonite that could destroy Superman. N’Gom was eventually stopped by Hal Jordan as he threw a rock at him to distract.

4. The Flash

In Flash: The Rebirth, Barry Allen defeated Superman in a foot race. This was because Allen was trying to return to The Speed Force, while Superman tried to stop him, in order to save Flash’s life.

However, Flash revealed then that he had always held back in previous races and this time, he surged ahead of Superman.

3. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is almost as strong as Superman himself. Even Superman has noted in the past that Manhunter could be the only person who may take him down.

In Injustice, Martian Manhunter went on against Superman in a fight and guess what, he didn’t even have to throw a single punch. Instead, he simply used his telepathic abilities to make Superman revive his tragic memories.

2. Atlas

Atlas, who is still less known among fans nearly took down Superman as a part of the plan to defeat a hero orchestrated by the military at that time.

However, at the time Atlas was about to take down Superman once and for all, he was attacked by Superman’s faithful dog, Krypto, who saved his master’s life.

1. Batman

While many fans still believe that Superman can easily take down Batman, that wasn’t the case in the comics. We all know Batman as a brilliant tactician and he had a plan all along.

He planned to take on him in an armour and then called out Clark to face him in Crime Alley. With the help of an old friend and a kryptonite Arrow, he easily took down Superman!

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