Man Of Steel- The Best Superman Movie, Celebrating its 6th Anniversary

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June 14, today lies the 6th anniversary of the Man of Steel in theatres. The very chapter to be noted in the history of the DC Extended Universe franchise would be Zack’s Synder’s Super Man reboot, a franchise which never ended up fulfilling the potential it started with but has at the end landed in the middle of nowhere.

Man of Steel 6-Year Anniversary: Why It's Still a Great Superman Movie
Man of Steel 6Year Anniversary: Why It’s Still The Best Superman Movie

Despite the DC extended, Universe could not evolve in the best of its form, the fact that the Man of Steel created a huge impact on the history of DC Universe making its creation a prominent and notable one. It does hold a special place in the hearts of the viewers making it an exceptional movie creating a milestone. There have been a lot of debate and controversies, the thing is facing a lot of ups and downs. But at the end of the day, Man of Steel is indeed a great superhero movie probably the best Superman movie till date.

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Getting deeper into the issue let’s go deep and explore the previous 6 years the movie had to see why this modern Superman origin story holds up so well. In a generation where being aware of the plights of the oppressed, or underrepresented communities of the world has now become.  The contribution Zack Synder made makes an accomplishment in the early 2010s.

. With Man of Steel, Snyder took the Superman metaphor and reworked it entirely; instead of echoing the kind of “classic American” nostalgia that would make the MAGA crowd happy, Snyder took the bold approach of making the story of Clark Kent/Superman a metaphor for minority groups of all kinds – including the immigrant and LGBTQ communities that are now at the heart of modern social-progression campaigns.

It was never that the fans have seen Clark Kent’s childhood from the viewpoint of being  “closeted” or repressive in a manner that a person’s journey of finding himself and his sense of self-accomplishment and finding his place in the modern world.


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