Man Spitted On And Woman Dragged As Fight Breaks Out In Disneyland

A fight broke out in Disneyland and it has people wondering how happy is the happiest place on earth.

Disneyland has long been known as the happiest place on earth. But it seems like even in paradise there is trouble sometimes. All the happiness and joy disappeared on Saturday as a violent fight broke out between family members who were visiting Mickey’s California theme park. This whole incident was caught on video and then circulated on social media.

What Happened In The Disneyland Debacle?

Fight breaks out at Disneyland. Pic courtesy:
Fight breaks out at Disneyland. Pic courtesy:

According to the Los Angeles Times, police responded to Disneyland after a verbal altercation between family members escalated into an actual physical fight.

Responding officers found that the participants in the violent affair were uncooperative. Although no arrests were made then, but now that video of the fight has become available, the Anaheim police are revisiting the situation. You can check out the fight below:

What Does The Video Of The Fight In Disneyland Show?

The video shows a family fighting. Pic courtesy:
The video shows a family fighting. Pic courtesy:

In the video, the situation begins with an argument between a man and a woman. The woman can be seen pushing a stroller with two children infront of Goofy’s playhouse. The situation quickly became physical after the woman spitted in the man’s face. After that another man stepped in and then the punches began to fly. Several members of the family were also involved in the fight. Even the children can be seen crying in the background. At one point, one of the men involved yelled- “I’m ready to go to jail tonight.” It’s very unclear what actually triggered the entire argument.

Bystanders did attempt to break up the fight, especially after one woman can be seen dragged across the pavement by one of the men. But ultimately, it was Disneyland security which broke up the fight. According to a spokeswoman for Disneyland Resort, those involved with the scuffle were immediately removed from the park and turned over to the Anaheim police department.

Despite the violent nature of the fight, the police have indicated that no injuries were reported. But now that there is a video which has been circulated and has quickly gone viral, the police department has said that it will look into it. This will help the police see if any criminal charges have to be filed.

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