Mario is a prime exemplary video game character of all decades. Along With Super Mario Bros for the NES being moderately responsible for reincarnating video games after the video game collapse of the early 80s, Mario found himself in a unique, desirable position. He was a savior for the Mushroom Kingdom and gamers across the globe.

Mario V/S Luigi

mario luigi
Mario or Luigi, who would win the hearts of fans

Mario is far less interesting than his brother, Luigi. While the two generally go on adventures together, Luigi has garnered an accumulated large fanbase that celebrates the often-ignored green hero. But while many applauds and respect Luigi, is he really better than his epochal brother, Mario? The answer, of course, is yes

Shreds of evidence

Mario & Luigi
Luigi providing evidence of him being better



Many video game roles have easily recognizing characters that make them instantly iconic. Sonic is a laid back kid with an attitude. Samus Aran is a fight-hardened bounty hunter. Link is a dork in a green onesie who tries hard to be a hero. But relatively, Mario has very little personality. A few handfuls of moments that speak to his true nature, however, don’t do him many favors. Mario goes out of his way to help others and save Princess Peach from the confines of Bowser. However, in the Donkey Kong titles, we realize Mario kept Donkey Kong as a pet and tormented the poor animal. The game Donkey Kong acts as the great ape’s revenge against Mario.

Luigi Is the best

Luigi has proved to be the best

If compared, Luigi, even after working along with his brother in almost all the main title game, never receives any honor for his actions from Peach. We notice in the Luigi’s Mansion titles that Luigi is a naturally apprehensive person, which means he often puts himself in circumstances that are demanding for him to help his brother out. While Mario receives cake as his incentive, Luigi somehow manages to use the money he earns through his journey to invest in real estate, proving he is a far more thrifty, financially wise person. He is also far empathetic to his pet ghost dog, Spooky, then Mario is to Yoshi, the species of animals that saved his life as a toddler.


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