Mark Hamill Responds To Fake Accounts On Twitter, Tells People That There Is Only One Account For Dad Jokes

People are now making fake accounts using Mark Hamill's name and the Skywalker fans are incensed on behalf of their internet dad.

Mark Hamill is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. He is a great person as well and frequently interacts with his fans on Twitter. He takes part in fan interactions and shares their enthusiasm regarding Star Wars. But some people tend to think that this closeness he has with his fans can be exploited. Before you get incensed upon learning about this chaos, may we make you a little sad and tell you how Luke died? 

Fake Accounts On Twitter With Mark Hamill’s Name

It's not easy to dupe Mark Hamill, he has his force or fans to protect him. Pic courtesy:
It’s not easy to dupe Mark Hamill, he has his force or fans to protect him. Pic courtesy:

Hamill announced earlier this week that he was leaving Facebook. The actor is still active in Instagram. But he is the most active on Twitter. He is always answering fan questions, sharing stories from the original Star Wars sets, making people laugh with his dad humor and tags his old and news friends alike on the fun. But some people are now creating fake accounts using Hamill’s name. In addition to the trusty blue checkmark, Hamill wants his fans to know what makes him so uniquely…him.

He first got alerted about the fake account from a Twitter user called @KirinArnold. The account tweeted:

“Hey Mark @HamillHimself & fellow #HamillHamsters….be on the lookout! Another imposter account has popped up! ???”

In response Mark Hamill said:

“I appreciate all you #Hamsters bringing attention to fake accounts. Remember: there is only one genuine @HamillHimself -The perfect 1-stop account for dad ‘humor’ -cute baby & animal videos & constant mockery of the orange atrocity currently infesting the WH. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES.”

You can check out the post below:

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People React To Mark Hamill Fake Accounts

People trying to copy internet dad's humour? That's not possible. Pic courtesy:
People trying to copy internet dad’s humour? That’s not possible. Pic courtesy:

Many people were astonished by the fake account and commented on Hamill’s post:

“I reported and blocked the account as soon as I saw it. There is only one real @HamillHimself and that’s you, sir ?”- @Rotj__luke said.

“If anyone legit believed you would only have 19 followers…I mean cmon, that right there must be some kind of gullibility test right”- @AnthonyIngruber said.

“OH. So now you don’t like it when people engage with a FAKE LUKE SKYWALKER. I wonder how that feels like”- @KyloIsSad joked.

As for whether Hamill will appear in a Star Wars movie again? That’s up to the stars. But for now The Rise of Skywalker was his final appearance as Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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