Mark Ruffalo Finally Getting Solo Hulk Movie?

During Avengers: Endgame, the Incredible Hulk’s arm mangled after using the Infinity Stones to restore all the lives lost by Thanos’ snap in the Avengers: Infinity War.
But looks like Mark Ruffalo is still not doing smashing things (& villains) in MCU and possibly is gearing up to be one of its antagonists!

According to reports from sources if to be believed states that despite of the distribution rights issues between   Disney and Universal, Marvel Studios is actively developing a World War Hulk film which would presumably star Mark Ruffalo as Hulk whom he’s portrayed ever since 2012’s Avengers.

Of course not every rumour is true and especially if it is related to Marvel but this report is a part of series of reports from various sources about Hulk.
In May, an insider source said that a Hulk solo movie was in making.
In June, reports surfaced that Hulk’s personality was going to undergo a major change and possibly as a part of his appearance in the upcoming She-Hulk miniseries.

And specifically the “rational” Professor Hulk personality was going to be discarded for a much more enraged version of the character; possibly something along the lines of Hulk we saw in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s release Thor:Ragnarok from 2017.

A much lesser friendly version of Hulk probably could very well lead to Mark Ruffalo starring in World War Hulk.
The name comes from a Marvel Comic events in 2007 in which Hulk and his alien allies decide to wage war on Earth’s heroes including the Avengers, the X- Men, the Fantastic Four and many more.

Further, an MCU version of the event starring Mark Ruffalo would likely be much different than the source material.
As per the comics,  “World War Hulk” springs directly from the “Planet Hulk” storyline which sees the Hulk exiled to space by Marvel’s Illuminati — Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Mister Fantastic.

At the end of Planet Hulk, the ship with Hulk in explodes and kills millions on Sakaar including his new wife. Hulk then, holds Illuminati responsible for the same and comes to Earth for vengeance.
But these elements were used in Thor: Ragnarok and the same couldn’t work in MCU.

Other possibility to explain the news is that Disney is banking on the upcoming She-Hulk Disney+ series to renew interest in Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.
There is an unquestioned fact in terms of lack of solo Hulk film as it revolves around Universal’s claim to distribution rights.
Mark Hughes pointed out that Disney’s deal with Sony (Spider-Man films) and majority of MCU Phase 1 films were distributed by Paramount.
According to Hughes, the reason they still haven’t made solo Hulk film is simply because they aren’t confident in the character as a solo franchise.
Maybe, Disney’s outlook has changed since then.

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