Mark Ruffalo: Hulk may not appear in MCU again

After the Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers broke up and went on to live their lives. Two of the greatest Avengers: Iron Man and Black Widow died in the process of defeating Thanos. While, Captain America decided to be a little selfish for a change and went back in the past to live the life he always wanted- happily married to Peggy Carter and at the end of the movie is shown as an elderly man in the present day MCU.

With the three heroes gone, three remained from the original MCU superheroes: Hulk, Thor and Hawkeye.


What about the three standing superheroes?

What about the three standing superheroes?
Captain America and Hulk/Banner

Out of these three superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only one may have a guaranteed future with the franchise.

As we know, Thor will be coming back again next year, in Thor: Love and Thunder.

There is nothing much said or decided about Hawkeye yet. He may or may not be getting a Disney+ TV series.

Which leaves us with the strongest superhero of all- The Hulk. Nobody is sure if his role is done with the Endgame or that there is more to receive from the green superhero.


What does Ruffalo have to say about his character?

What does Ruffalo have to say about his character?
Ruffalo unsure of his character’s future

Ruffalo mentioned on the Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show that he himself is unsure about the future.



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