Marvel Announces Spiderman: Maximum Venom

Marvel’s Spiderman has been a hit for Disney XD, and the network is celebrating that success by revealing the show that, has been renewed for a third season. Marvel’s Spiderman new season will be premiered in spring of 2020, and in revealing the new title of the season Marvel is going big and spotlighting one of the Spiderman’s most popular villains. It will be titled the Maximum Venom, and will be revolving around Venom summoning an Earth-shattering devastating threat from the symbiote’s home planet.

Marvel’s Spiderman renewed for a third Season-The Maximum Venom

Marvel Spiderman: Maximum Venom
Marvel Spiderman: Maximum Venom


Disney XD senior vice president Marc Buhaj couldn’t be more excited about having the two marquee characters share the same spotlight.

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“We are very excited to have Spider-Man and the Venom leading this brand-new chapter,” Marc Buhaj said. “These two characters are fan favorites and the Marvel Animation team has delivered a very smart, action-packed season for a new generation. We’re very grateful for the opportunity to further expand the world of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ with the Venom and to be able to continue fresh, heroic storytelling with this third season order.”

“This is the most epic conflict in the history of Marvel Comics Animation,” said Cort Lane, senior vice president, TheMarvel Animation & Family Entertainment. “We have planted the seeds in total two seasons of Marvel’s Spider-Man and three seasons of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but you don’t need to have watched them to be entirely blown away by this all-out symbiote invasion. While a ton of guest heroes will be on hand, Peter Parker’s special link to Venom makes him the only hero who can tip the scales to be able to save the humanity.”

New episodes of Season 2 to release in September

Spiderman and the Venom
Spiderman and the Venom


The Fans still have more Marvel’s Spiderman Season 2 episodes to look forward to, which will hit Disney XD and Disney NOW in September. The new episodes will kick off with a five-part Superior Spiderman story, based on the Dan Slott comics story, as Doctor Octopus takes over Spider-Man’s body.

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Star cast Spiderman: Maximum Venom

The Marvel’s Spider-Man stars Robbie Daymond (“Bread Winners”) as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Scott Menville (“Teen Titans”) as the Doctor Octopus, Nadji Jeter (Disney Channel’s “Jessie”) as the Miles Morales, Melanie Minichino (“Blaze and the Monster Machine”) as the Anya Corazon, Laura Bailey (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) as The Gwen Stacy, The Max Mittelman (“Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir”) as The Harry Osborn, Fred Tatasciore (“Marvel’s Avengers Assemble”) as the Max Modell, The Nancy Linari (“The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest”) as the Aunt May, Patton Oswalt (“A.P. Bio”) asThe Uncle Ben, Alastair Duncan (“The Batman”) as The  Vulture and Bob Joles (Disney Channel’s “Big City Greens”) as The J. Jonah Jameson.

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