Marvel Announces ‘Wolverine vs. Blade’


Wolverine is set to take on the daywalker, Blade, in a one-shot issue from Marvel Comics this July. Wolverine vs Blade Special #1 is written by Marc Guggenheim (X-Men Gold) with art by Dave Wilkins.

What Marc Guggenheim has to say?

Marc Guggenheim says this story has been in the works for a decade, which may explain why Wolverine is wearing his old X-Force costume on the issue’s cover. “This is a book that’s been — not kidding — ten years in the making,” Guggenheim tells Monkeys Fighting Robots. “I couldn’t possibly be more excited for it to finally see publication. I think it’s worth the wait.”

Wolverine Vs Blade Marc Guggenheim
Wolverine Vs Blade Marc Guggenheim

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The issue’s synopsis reads, “Two of the deadliest hunters ever to have stalked the night face off! Wolverine vs Blade — ’nuffsaid!” You can see the Wilkins’ cover for the issue below.

This is not the first time that Marc Guggenheim has written Wolverine. He wrote issues of the Wolverine ongoing series during the Civil War event era.

About Wolverine and Blade

Though Wolverine’s costume suggests the issue takes place sometime in the Marvel Universe’s past, both Wolverine and Blade have had major developments in the Marvel Universe in recent months. Blade became an official member of the Avengers, joining the team as they become embroiled in the Vampire Civil War.

Blade joins Avengers

Wolverine had been dead, but returned and rejoined the X-Men. Another version of Wolverine came into the present day Marvel Universe from the future. That version of the character was involved with the recent drama around the Infinity Stones but has since returned to his own time and left present-day Logan to deal with the issue.

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Wolverine set to join Avengers

Wolverine is also set to join a new team of Avengers considered the most brutal of all time in the upcoming series Savage Avengers. The team’s roster includes Conan the Barbarian, Brother Voodoo, the Punisher, Venom, and Elektra. “Savage Avengers is just what it says on the label—it’s all of the biggest badasses of the Marvel Universe brought together uneasily in one explosive series—and with Conan as a wild card,” senior vice president and executive editor Tom Brevoort told Marvel.com when the series was announced. “It’s big, it’s brash, it’s explosive, it never slows down—the only scenes in Savage Avengers that involve a table is when somebody is being thrown through one.”

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