Marvel Avengers Game Has Been Delayed!!!

Marvel Avengers has been delayed, and those who were excited and are looking forward to the game have voiced their opinions through social media on this announcement. The release of the game that promises players a chance to play as Earth’s mightiest heroes has been postponed to September, which was about to be released in May, as announced by Square Enix. The time taken will be focused on extra development on tuning and polishing the game. Some commenters said they saw the delay coming while others wished that the studio take as long as it needs to to make the best game possible.

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However, the announcement did not explain which parts of the game would be worked. Instead, it said that the work would be imposed overall between the extended days. Most of the comments seemed to be supportive of the news, and some highlighted the fact that so much industry news was breaking at around the same time this week.


Source: ComicBook, Polygon

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