Marvel Clarifies Doom’s Armor Puts Iron Man To Shame

Tony Stark aka the Iron  Man  has one of the most popular armors in the Marvel Universe and it can win any popularity contest.
However, he has a strong competition with  Doom’s armor.
Though this Fantastic Four villain is good at heart, he comes off as an evil person thanks to his visor.
Of course compared to the Iron Man’s “futurist” designs are ahead of Doom’s medieval styled costume, but Doom’s costume is infused with so much science and sorcery that is the MOST POWERFUL set of armor in the entire Marvel Universe.

Doom has the capability to travel through different dimensions and face creatures or beings a human would not know about. As a result his armor should be top notch that helps him to be safe from these kinds of instances and even survive in the harshest environments.

His armor was actually made in a magical forge in a Tibetan monastery and it is full of nuclear power and even computer assisted titanium battle suit.
Many of us do not know that Doctor Doom was actually exposed to magic at a tender age all thanks to his mother who was a Latverian mystic.
He is a genius high level intellect on par of many Illuminati of Marvel and thanks to his connection to magic and sorcery; he created an armor so powerful that makes him stand out.


Doom’s armor obviously has all basic features like that of Stark ; but it also possesses more things .
For example; Doom’s armor not only possesses super- strength but also is equipped with advanced systems.
On the top of this, the suit also has this ability to make the wearer survive in the most extreme conditions including the deep space. This is something Doom needs as a priority because it allows Doom to time travel.
Moreover, Doom also has finger blasters in his suit.

Over these years he has modified his suit and even included kickass attachments like mini-missile launchers, ionic blades and even knuckle rockets!
But it is not just about what all gadgets the suit has but it is also about how Doom uses his armor  which actually helps him increase his powers as a sorcerer.

He is so powerful that he could overtake Sorcerer Supreme position whenever Dr. Strange  steps down!

Doom has smartly crafted  his armor that he can just go anywhere and walk in confidently giving him abilities of a God.

It is pretty obvious that Doctor Doom’s armor is way too cooler and powerful in the Marvel Universe.

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