Marvel Comics Announced A New Series Called She-Hulk By Rainbow Rowell

Marvel Comics announced a new comic series, She-Hulk­, illustrated by Roge Antonio and written by Rainbow Rowell.

She-Hulk will launch on January 12, 2022
She-Hulk will launch on January 12, 2022

Illustrated by Roge Antonio and written by Rainbow Rowell, She-Hulk is the new series that Marvel Comics recently announced.

She-Hulk Is Smart And Funny

She-Hulk will launch on January 2022 and it will include Jennifer Walters playing She-Hulk who remembers her Avenging days and thrives to return to her passion in life. Her passion is to become an attorney. As per the makers, the last few paragraphs of the comic series will make Jen travel a road she has never been through. The journey will shake her life up and eventually the entire Marvel Universe.

She-Hulk written by Rainbow Rowell
She-Hulk written by Rainbow Rowell

Further, Rowell mentioned that She-Hulk is the best of all the best characters in the Marvel Universe. She is funny, she is smart, and she is truly heroic. Moreover, Jen always stayed on the top of Rowell’s Marvel wishlist and that is why he is thrilled to write her next chapter as well.

She-Hulk’s Disney+ Series

On the other hand, Antonio added that he is very honored and excited to become a part of this new phase of She-Hulk. He said that “Working with Rainbow Rowell has been inspiring and it’s amazing how she lets her passion for the character shine through on every page. I hope the fans have as much fun reading as I’m having to illustrate these new adventures.”

She-Hulk illustrated by Roge Antonio
She-Hulk illustrated by Roge Antonio

This news came along with the character’s entry in a live-action Disney+ series that will most probably come by next year.

She-Hulk #1

  • Art by Roge Antonio
  • Cover by Jen Bartel and Adam Hughes
  • Written by Rainbow Rowell

Considering her time in Aaron’s Avengers, She-Hulk is ready to leave her rage-filled days behind and start practicing to defend the innocent with the law. She-Hulk has a career to reconstruct, friends to re-bond, and enemies to fight. However, when a friend from her past life approaches her with a mystery, She-Hulk runs back to bashing again. That is why the last few paragraphs of the comic will send her on a journey she never traveled and that is how her life and Marvel Universe will change.

She-Hulk will launch on January 12, 2022.

Source: Marvel

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