Marvel Comics Has Just Turned Loki Into A Bollywood Star

The mischievous and deadly Loki has been a lot of things throughout his tenure in Marvel Comics, from being a vile villain of the Avengers to a presidential candidate – and Marvel has now turned the God of Mischief into a Bollywood star. Kamala Khan, whom we know as Ms. Marvel, is having a multiversal breakdown after she came into contact with a gadget that has the ability to transport a person to other realities. As her world starts to break down, she gets in touch with the supervillain Loki – just that, this encounter is with a Loki that has never been seen before.

Loki Has Just Become A Bollywood Hero

Loki in Marvel Comics
Loki in Marvel Comics

In Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #1 by Andres Genolet and Samira Ahmed, Kamala is seen visiting her scientist cousin who carries a device that can send people to other realities. However, there is a break-in at the lab where the device is kept, which puts Kamala’s cousin in danger. Ms. Marvel quickly springs into action, stopping the thief before he gets away with the device. While she’s at it, Ms. Marvel touches the multiversal gadget and is quickly shown a little glimpse of herself in various dimensions. After she finally lets go, the visions halt, and everything gets normal, so Kamala heads home having had a full day of successful superhero-ing. But, when she gets home things aren’t really exactly like they were when she had left.

When she enters her house, Ms. Marvel finds her parents watching a Bollywood film while being affectionate with each other. Kamala goes to her room, but when she reenters the living room, things are stranger. Kamala’s parents are a part of the Bollywood film, taking a look outside, just like the whole neighborhood. Everyone is in South Asian dress, dancing in the street, so Ms. Marvel suits up to investigate. When she leaves her house, Ms. Marvel is almost trampled by an elephant, and the animal’s rider is none other than Loki, who looks like the star of this strange Bollywood rift.


The issue gets over after Loki is finally revealed to be a Bollywood star, so Marvel fans don’t really know whether he is the cause of this rift in reality or not. Changing an entire neighborhood for fun and a dance-filled Bollywood film is certainly something Loki might do just for the fun of it. This change could be thanks to Ms. Marvel’s tampering with multiversal reality and foolishly transporting herself to a Bollywood reality, as per the film that her parents were watching.

Whatever the reason for the change might be, Loki is now the star of his own Bollywood film and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

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