Marvel Comics: New Iron Fist’ Writer Confirms Asian Origins

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The next hero to take on the mantle of Iron Fist will be of Asian heritage, according to Marvel Comics. Iron Fist #1 writer Alyssa Wong stated in a new interview that the yet-to-be-named hero behind the mask will be Asian. But, if you’re worried that the Iron Fist’s legacy is about to be wiped away, Wong assures you that the comic will expand on the hero’s convoluted past while also pointing to a new future.

Alyssa Wong’s Interview With IGN

Iron Fist

In a self-titled miniseries announced recently by Marvel Comics, Alyssa Wong and artist Michel YG will take on an all-new Iron Fist. Wong expressed her excitement to be writing an Asian Iron Fist in an interview with IGN, explaining that the character offers a new lineage while without erasing the previous version of the hero’s own past. According to Wong, the new Iron Fist will strive to be the hero of a new era. She expressed her hope that the new persona would appeal not only to fans of the original but also to newcomers.

Iron Fist’ Fighting Style Will Be Acrobatic

Iron Fist

Wong explained that the next Iron Fist has chosen an unconventional path to the mantle, which has angered the K’un-Lun residents. She intimated that his combat technique is acrobatic and that his abilities are “abnormal.” Danny Rand will not reprise his role as Iron Fist, although he will appear in the upcoming miniseries.

Despite hints regarding the new Iron Fist’s true identity, Marvel Comics has yet to reveal the hero beneath the mask. Still, seeing an Asian hero replace Danny Rand as Iron Fist is a wonderful sight, as he felt out of place in the position. The next Iron Fist can now establish his own legacy and take the character in an exciting new direction. In February, Iron Fist #1 will be available in comic book retailers.

Source: IGN

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