Marvel Couples – 15 Secret Pairings We Bet You Never Knew!!

Iron Man and Pepper Potts, Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson, Vision and Scarlet Witch, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, Rogue and Gambit, Reed Richards and Sue Storm – these are some of the most well-known couples in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

But there are so many more in the comic books that Marvel never fails to hide from you.

Wolverine & Storm

The two have a lot in common. Even more so than you would care to think.

Both are seen as Gods and many people seek to steal their powers. Both are long time members of the X-Men.

The two also have fought alongside each other. Black Panther annulled his marriage with Storm and she ran straight into the arms of Wolverine.

Hawkeye & Mockingbird

The two were apparently very good as a couple. They lifted each other’s spirits and Mockingbird was the one who inspired Hawkeye to lead the West Coast Avengers.

Scarlet Witch & Brother Voodoo

Scarlet Witch kissing Brother Voodoo

That’s right. Vision is not the only one lucky enough to steal Wanda Maximoff’s heart. Brother Voodoo understood Scarlet Witch in ways Vision never could. By the way, Brother Voodoo is no joke. He was once the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

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Spider-Man (Miles Morales) & Spider-Gwen

After Into the Spider-Verse movie, many fans have already started pairing the two together. In the comic books, it has already happened.

Spider-Man & Mockingbird

Mockingbird touched Peter’s heart when Peter Parker had just become the billionaire owner of Parker Industries. Parker became a part of SHIELD and Mockingbird was his liaison.

Archangel & Husk

This is one of the cringiest moments in comic book history. When Warren Worthington III got into a relationship with Paige Guthrie aka Husk, she was still a teenager. The duo apparently had sex in the sky right in front of her mom.

Human Torch & Medusa

Neither Black Bolt nor Crystal were happy with the couple. After they parted ways, the two claimed that the relationship had a positive effect on them. They had no regrets.

Iron Fist & Misty Knight

This might never happen in the Netflix series because of the cancellation of the Marvel shows. But boy this would have been such a fun Easter egg. Misty Knight and Danny Rand are a huge thing in the comics.

Northstar & Kyle Jinadu

Northstar is a popular member and mutant superhero of the Canadian Team Alpha Flight. He is one of the most well-known openly gay superheroes of the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

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Captain America & Black Widow

Since this happened in an animated movie, it may not be canon. But it still counts. This was an alternate reality story arc where Ultron killed thee Avengers.

Winter Soldier & Black Widow

This revelation came after a long time in the comics. Both Bucky and Natasha were thrown off by the truth.

Punisher & Elektra

Obviously it did not work out. Yet the fact that two od the deadliest assassins of Marvel Comics once joined forces gives us the chills.

Kiity Pryde & Star Lord

Ok it was a really really long distance relationship. But come on guys Peter Quill here gave up a chance to rule an empire so that he could be with Kitty Pryde. How cool is that!!

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She-Hulk & Juggernaut

If possible, we would like the Men in Black and their Neuralizers to permanently flash us and erase this painful memory from our minds.

Iceman & Romeo

Fun fact – this was Bobby’s first gay kiss. Iceman became a massive proponent for LGBTQ+ Rights after this issue was released.



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