Marvel currently has no plans for producing Iron Man 4 says Jon Favreau


Fans expectations got crushed after Jon Favreau’s Interview


What jon has to say about Iron Man
Jon Favreau’s interview on Iron Man 4

With the release of Avengers: Endgame and the death of Tony Stark, the Marvel Cinema is shaken to its core. Fans are having difficulty in digesting the fact about Tony Stark’s sacrifice for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spiderman: Far from home’s trailer raised some unexpected expectations in the minds of the spectators. Spiderman’s trailer revealed a lot of hints and a possibility of Tony’s return.

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Robert Downey Jr. is not willing to play Iron Man anymore.

But in an interview, Jon Favreau confessed on not having any plans for Iron Man’s return. And there won’t be any Iron Man 4. Yes, that statement crushed the feelings of many Marvel Fans. According to Jon Favreau, Robert is not interested in playing Iron Man anymore. Iron Man has a totally different fan base, and according to Robert, it is better to end the character before it fades down its light.

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Marvel can smoothly work without Tony Stark

Tony Stark As Iron Man
Tony Stark As Iron Man

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Robert Downey Jr. was the person who started the Marvel era. His contributions and fan club is something even Marvel can’t deny. That incredible journey was started by Iron Man and is slaying for years now. Tony Stark as a character was present constantly throughout the movies. But now, Marvel is successful enough to stand out without Tony after the immense success of various other movies like Captain Marvel, Black Panther and others.

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