Snapchat filters have been doing various rounds for some time now. Gender swaps and 10 year challenges and what not.

Another quite popular such filter is that of Baby Face. People have been using this filter not only on themselves, but also on their favorite celebrities. And of course, superheroes from the Marvel family were few of the many who went through this filter.

So let’s look at our baby faced superheroes who have been defending the world against the likes of Thanos and his army. This is Baby Face: Marvel Edition!

  1. Tony Stark

aka Iron Man, but with the goatee!

  1. Steve Rogers

aka Captain America, and he is absolutely precious.

  1. Natasha Romanoff

aka Black Widow – cute but she can still kill you in your sleep!

  1. Clint Barton 

aka Hawkeye, who actually looks a lot like baby Nat for some reason.

  1. Bruce Banner 

aka Hulk, but not too green. Still a little sad though!

  1. Thor

aka Baby God of Thunder with the moustache and beard!

  1. Loki

aka God of Mischief for ever and ever and ever!

  1. Valkyrie

was always sarcastic, just look at her!

  1. Nick Fury

aka Baby Director of SHIELD with the eye-patch, the ‘stache and that look! Was he ever really a baby?

  1. Peter Parker 

aka Spider Man, and he is always the ‘kid’!

  1. Bucky Barnes 

aka Winter Soldier, and did he ever get his plums?

  1. Sam Wilson 

aka Falcon, who hasn’t apparently shave since he was born.

  1. Dr. Strange

aka the Sorcerer Supreme, and really? Do they all have facial hair since birth?

  1. Nebula

Never thought of the day when Nebula would look cute!

  1. Okoye

aka The General was always a little strict!

  1. Carol Danvers

aka Captain Marvel – and yes! She is always serious about her duty!

  1. Scott Lang 

aka Ant Man, and wow! He  actually does age!

  1. Wanda 

aka Scarlet Witch, and she has always had that madness in her eyes!

  1. Vision

and apparently, Andriods age as well

  1. Shuri

 aka the Princess – cute then, cute now.

  1. T’Challa

aka Black Panther – and he will always be a King.

  1. Gamora

and she looks as exasperated with Quill then as she is now!

  1. Peter Quill

aka Star Lord and 50% of him that’s human, is 100% stupid. Really!

  1. Drax

aka the Invisible Man – he just hasn’t had the time to practice his art yet.

  1. Thanos

aka Purple Nurple, and wow! That’s just weird!

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