Marvel fans have edited Daredevil’s intro by adding a touch of the Batman theme to it. Robert Pattinson’s Batman look was teased earlier in a Vimeo video. However, fans pointed out that Pattinson’s look as Batman was similar to that of Marvel’s superhero Daredevil. The similarity is mainly due to the red hue that expresses the scene. Some fans have now taken to social media to display their creativity regarding the same.

A creative Daredevil intro scene

A Marvel fan has taken to the website Reddit to express his creativity. The fan has added The Batman’s music score to the intro of the Daredevil web series.

Michael Giacchino is the composer of the upcoming Batman movie. His score in the film was merged with the opening credit sequence of Daredevil, which is a Netflix production. The Reddit post has received praise regarding its smooth flow.

The role reversal of the two superheroes

Earlier, a Batman fan had used footage from Reeve’s Vimeo released teaser and modified it. Interestingly, the fan used Daredevil’s opening theme music and added it to The Batman video. The user on Twitter named @cringenameyeet had done this, which suddenly went viral due to the comparisons made between the two superheroes.   

What do we know about The Batman

The Batman releases on 1st October 2021. The movie is a reboot of the Batman franchise. Matt Reeves directs the film and has also written the screenplay. Ben Affleck was initially cast to play the role of the caped crusader. However, he stepped down from the acting role in early 2019. Subsequently, Robert Pattinson agreed to play the role of Batman. Photography for the film began in January this year. But, the coronavirus pandemic has led to the suspension of further film production.

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Source: ComicBook, Reddit

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